Huddersfield Epitaph 2nd Place Deck


This came second in today’s Huddersfield event, losing only to Vince’s Spirit Fortress at time in the finals.
Ban this sick filth, etc.

Card of the day was Chris’ Bobo, who shot Chris’ own dudes and then ran an Election Day Slaughter.
A++, would Puppet again.

I should point out that this shamelessly ripped off @Ijiasu’s deck, with more annoying cards put in.


Thanks for the list!

Good to see that there are still deck designs to explore, expanded further by the new cards in TCaR. Grimme alone makes a pretty big difference, but isn’t an auto-include, which feels like a desirable power level.

One of the things I like about this is that is takes the pressure off needing to run influence removal jobs with your clubs, as Puppet can do the same job for you on Hearts.

Grr to Spirit Fortress.

Congrats! Nice work.

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Your suggestion on Lost to the Plague continues to work well. It often gets squeezed out for Hex Slingin’s raw power, but you and @forkbanger are better “finesse” players than I am. I’ll confess my similar copied deck was running 4x Hex Slingin’, but perhaps I should try 2x each. @forkbanger makes the not unreasonable point that Lost to the Plague gets better if used in multiples, so perhaps I should just commit to it…

Lost to the Plague has a lot of subtle power. It can stop Allie Hensman in her tracks and can prevent low value dudes booting to vote for Nic, for starters. When I played against this deck @forkbanger shut down Rev Perry and prevented Father Tolarios from using Confession to put bounty on dudes, which slowed my deck down giving him more time to get The Whateley Estate and Avie Cline in to play. The restrictions on movement can be really annoying too.

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