Huddersfield UK Sheriff event videos

I’m slowly making my way through all the video footage I have of the UK Sheriff events. I unfortunately wasn’t able to travel to Edinburgh so next up after Cardiff was Huddersfield.

24 players made the trip to Huddersfield and there’s a good selection of Oddities, Fourth Ring, Sloane and Desolation Row at the top tables in this 8 video series. There’s even a couple of rare appearances from The Arsenal for those wanting something a bit different from the standard control decks!

If you’ve got any feedback or comments do post here or on my Youtube channel. If there’s anything you’d like to see or perhaps something done a bit different please do let me know.

Next up will be Worcester which includes some great Gadget decks at the top tables so if you want to keep up to date make sure to subscribe!


Thanks for uploading the videos! Like I said on reddit, the community benefits from having these videos, it’s clear there’s a demand for them. With a game as complex as Doomtown, it’s useful for people to see tournament decks in action and not just read about them on youtube.

Your commentary is measured and cleared (some people have good videos but irritating voices!).

Pleasure to meet you in Huddersfield and look forward to seeing the Gadget decks from Huddersfield.

Just watched the first video. Thank you for posting these. This game is so great, but man is it unforgiving that highbinder victim to tax office made me cringe inside. Again thanks for the uploads.