Hunting Grounds Series: Month One and Future Round-Up Plans!

Welcome back to the next Series of Round-Ups! Today we look at an overview of the story for this Series, the schedule for April, and our future plans:

This Series coincides with the Twilight Protocol Trilogy of events at Denver, Austin, and Tombstone

Follow Part I here.

As this posse continues their search for Abram Grothe in the hunt to destroy The Fourth Ring once and for all, the players at GenghisCon voted that the Eagle Wardens / First Peoples will come to their aid, as they are trapped against the Nosferatu (due to your votes in the Abomination Series!)

During this Series, you will have the chance to make 2 votes. One on a member of the First Peoples who will be a hero of this conflict, and another on which will die in the conflict. The top 2 votes for each will go in to be reflected in the fiction and upcoming Doomtown cards.

Your choices are:

Butch Deuces
Danny Wilde
Mariel Lewis
Three-Eyed Hawk
Lydia Bear-Hands
Zachary Deloria

Note the votes are not mutually exclusive; heroes may perish in the conflict.

April Round-Ups are as follows. Please note the Netherlands venue is still pending and will be updated:

Delta Community: Tanukifest 2019
Pine Box Entertainment
2210 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038
One Day

Sci-Fi City
Landon Sommer
5410 N. Broadway Street, Knoxville TN 37918
One Day

Myrtle Beach Games
David Hammond
240 Cotton Creek Drive, Spartanburg SC 29302
One Day

Geen (TBD)
Mark Rasker
One Day

Peter Hart
102 York Road, Hartlepool, TS26 9DE
One Day

Our Plans for the Future:

For the new players, Pinnacle Entertainment Group worked with Pine Box Entertainment on retail bundles that include still existing kits from the AEG era. As news for when those bundles are available for distribution and retail, we will let everyone know!

Next up is our plans for how folks can get items from the previous Series hosted by Pine Box Entertainment and those promo cards from the Epitaph, Servitor, Tombstone, and Abomination Series. In such, we are working on a way in which organizers can apply to host round-ups outside of our usual 2 Storyline Series a year that we will feature on the Round-Up Calendar, but allow you access to create your own kit for your custom round-up! As we finalize the details we’ll make sure to get the news out faster than the Gazette pardners!

It’s an exciting time for Doomtown and we thank each and every one of you that continue to support this game :slight_smile:


Shoot I like Deuces even more than I used to…


I love his artwork.

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The action starts tomorrow at 10am at Tanukifest!


Got at least one thing planned for London in terms of a memorial event, though we may be integrating this with one of the Hunting Grounds events alongside. Either way, may be reaching out to the larger community some time soon on that one, so watch this space!

Back on topic, oh, for an XP Butch Deuces card :slight_smile:


Make sure you vote him up as a hero :slight_smile:


Of course!

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