Hunting Grounds Series - OCTGN League

10 days until the next OCTGN league starts! Sign up here:

Password to join: dtr

As an added bonus we have top-of-faction prizes for 6 folks who finish the highest in each faction in the main swiss portion of the league. Check out these beauties:

Looking forward to slinging virtual lead with you guys


Happy league starting day!

21 folks signed up on day 1 is a historically high number, hopefully we’ll see lots of games this league!


Last weekend of the league is here - still plenty of time to sign up and play a game or two if you’re interested!

Also: current leaguer’s, please send me your votes. As a reminder:

During this Series, you will have the chance to make 2 votes. One on a member of the First Peoples who will be a hero of this conflict, and another on which will die in the conflict. The top 2 votes for each will go in to be reflected in the fiction and upcoming Doomtown cards.

Your choices are:

Butch Deuces
Danny Wilde
Mariel Lewis
Three-Eyed Hawk
Lydia Bear-Hands
Zachary Deloria

Note the votes are not mutually exclusive; heroes may perish in the conflict.

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And with that, the main portion of the league is over. Thanks to everyone who participated, including a few first-time (to OCTGN) players! We played 54 games overall, with 18 people who played at least one game.

Reminder to send me your votes if you haven’t already (see the post above this).

Top 4 begins:

  1. Prodigy
  2. @shekky_ducky
  3. @swider
  4. @hehasmoments

Round 1:
Prodigy vs @hehasmoments
@shekky_ducky vs @swider

Like last time we’re doing 1 deck for all finals games, and preferably best 2/3 but if you both agree otherwise then whatever you agree to is fine.
Please send your decklist to @Blargg before your first game! He will be acting as judge for the remainder of the tournament (thank you Blargg!).


Swider and I will face off in the finals today, about 1pm EST!


We had some good games yesterday, and to not spoil it in case anyone wants to watch, here are the matches. Both swider and I recorded, but as a warning mine has no sound at all.

From swiders perspective: Twitch

From mine:
Game 1:

Game 2:

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and I will follow up shortly with prize info!



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I always obey @jordan_caldwell, and you should too!

The (mostly) Curse-less Ring - 1st Place OCTGN · DoomtownDB



We have some sweet promos to ship out - please send me your address if you played the minimum of at least 2 games. Also, the following folks get an additional faction token, as top-of-faction prizes:

Outlaws: @shekky_ducky
Law Dogs: @Doomdog
Entrepreneurs: @hehasmoments
Anarchists: @EsquireSandwich
First Peoples: @Aussie_Scum (you sent me your address already, thank you)

As there are no big/heavy prizes to mail out (some lucky jerk got the playmat), I’m not asking for any shipping money for anything, as it’s usually under a couple of bucks even when shipping overseas. Just send me your addresses please!


Last call for prizes! Please send me your mailing info for promos - I’d like to get these shipped out next week.


I sent my info via discord. Not sure if there is another way to message you (didn’t see one on here) let me know if you didn’t get it.