I always forget to... / I keep trying to

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“I always forget to… “

“I keep trying to…”

Don’t you just hate it when it is gently pointed out to you that unless you are Harry Highbinder, you do NOT control Town Square. So Hamshanks and his posse eat enough lead to poison and then sink a Maze Dragon. What basic/obvious rules of game play do you always, and I mean ALWAYS forget/overlook and end up being totally hosed? Herewith are some examples culled from the Doomtown Facebook group.








I always forget to:

make dudes wanted when shootouts are at private locations.

collect income on the first turn (and pay upkeep).

check for Jake Smiley when counting an opponent’s influence.

apply Lucy Clover’s trait during shootouts.

use It’s Not What You Know… without having 2 ghost rock available.

refill my play hand before drawing my Lowball hand.

the bullets necessary for Kidnappin'.

remember how Kung Fu works and build a deck that fails every pull.

always perform skill checks, since there are ‘only’ 3 cards that fail the check.

go home after a job.
(or better yet, booting when you return home).

I keep trying to:

take control of deeds with Jake Smiley.

use Hamshanks’ ability in town square shootouts.

play Steven Wiles when he is already pushin’ up daisies in Boot Hill.

target dudes with Forced Quarantine without reduced stats.

stack a deck with 4 dudes of the same value, and then find that I have a starting dude with that value.
(making 5 dudes with that suit/value).

Point Blank with booted dudes. Or better yet, Point Blank with non-studs.

So what do YOU always forget



make dudes wanted when shootouts are at private locations.

check the value when drawing for Perry’s skill check even though there could be cards that fail it…

doing upkeep before building stuff when i’m rich…

– since i’m mostly playing on OCTGN it thankfully covers some of the points you mentioned ^^

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I always right click on my draw pile and chose “look at → all cards” when I want to select “draw to draw hand!”

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This happened with me yesterday:

Point Blank - Stud needs to be unbooted. Oh, and THEN - “My unbooted Paggy Point Blanks your 0 bullet dude”.
→ “But Paggy isn’t a stud”

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I always get too spooked by Shotgun when I have high value dudes.

I never get spooked enough by Legendary Holster when I have low bullet dudes.


Try to use 4R home ability while at home.
Forget to use Consecration while it is booted.
Forget that The Flying Popescus become a stud from a shootout action.
Play bounty hunter against a dude with soulblast (without sending anyone else in).
Play It’s who you know against an unbooted dude (they tend to just run away).
Forget about Lane Haley with a pinto and shotgun because he’s booted, or same goes for Jia Ming with shadow walk.


Same for sending a bounty hunter after a dude when there’s someone with a shotgun at the same location

Being a new player, I mix up whether deeds have control points and dudes have influence or vice versa. Thus victory conditions get muddled, but we are having fun just the same!


I keep wanting to cast Confession (to increase bounty) without booting my Blessed

I definitely forget to do bounty with private locations.

I always try to have Father Tolarios use his ability from home without having an opposing dude adjacent/at the same location.

Though I did finally play a game where I didn’t do that recently. Here’s hoping. :slight_smile:


The perils of being a Classic player. :wink:

You can even use the Reloaded version to target Whateley dudes.

@TybarSunsong - the route to remembering these things is to play even more games of Doomtown!


I always forget that Rev. Perry Inbody only unboots Law Dogs dudes


And there’s video to back up your statement! :slight_smile:

Did OCTGN catch that or did you guys spot it during play? I’m not familiar with it so I wasn’t sure which corrected it.

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Actually OCTGN auto-corrected me and unbooted Tommy. I was like “what the hell, OCTGN?” a second before I realized it, but also Khudzlin realized it right away too :slight_smile:


Impressive scripting! Perhaps OCTGN is the answer to this thread’s memory issues?

Will try to familiarise myself with the application over the next week or so. Edinburgh Epitaph will be a welcome interruption to that.


Remembering that if you are playing outgunned picking the unbooted dude from your pile of identical studs does matter.


Play with integrity of timing through and across all (potential) timing windows.

Specifically, trying to use a draw hand reveal React well into the Resolution phase (Den of Thieves, Ace in the Hole).

Or mentioned upthread somewhat, actually declaring a Shooter between the last shootout play and drawing of draw hand cards (Outgunned, Heartseeker) - this is becoming more important as more newer cards locate here (which is AWESOME).

Or lately, using Stone’s React after the last player forms their posse but before shootout plays begin - aaand actually choosing a dude: “Oh yeah, um, I forgot to Stone” - “Little late but okay; who?” - “Oh yeah, um, how about Willa.”…

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with Stone - remembering that the bonus comes from Acing a dude IN the shootout - painting the wall red with someone via a Shottie or Holster is BEFORE the actual shootout. You ace the dude, but Stone considers that weak sauce and doesn’t grant his buff. Sorta like how Brawl worked w/ Spirit Warriors in Classic :wink:

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Indeed, your dude is only “the shooter” for a very brief window during which Stone grants his +2 bullet bonus. Point Blank gets the +2 bullet bonus, Shotgun/Holster won’t. Acing the opposing targeted dude will give your shooter +1 bullet (permanently) and +1CP, assuming you stick around long enough to select a shooter. Stone doesn’t help hit and run tactics.

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I gotchu fam! :stuck_out_tongue: