I just read the changelog, NAN and IOUF are live on OCTGN

Just like in the title, wanna try neww expansions, join us on OCTGN.


Daym! You stole my thunder! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Excellent, thanks @db0! :slight_smile:

It was 24 minutes old, you missed your window of opportunity :). BTW Any thoughts about results of today’s tournament and domination of circus?

No thoughts now. Only sleep!


Thanks for implementing new stuff so quickly.

I didn’t have time to add the octgn support for those packs on dtdb! Should be done tomorrow.

Hah, that’s why it says decks are corrupt. Time to sleep!

Alright man, we will be waiting for an update :), it is still easier for me to use OCTGN deckbuilder when I have already a deck created on dtdb.

Yeah I rushed the upload of the cards in the db for people to look at them, and din’t have time for more as I was away for the weekend. My plan was to have that done tomorrow evening (europe), I should have jeopardized @db0 Db0 work so my slack wouldn’t have been noticed…

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We’re going to stream live tomorrow evening, for all the people to see how awesome new factions are. We count on ya Plat :slight_smile:

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I will try my new dudes and deeds against new factions.

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This is awesome news, thanks @db0!
Can’t wait to play them :smile:

Ok, seems good!
Enjoy your evening!