If DTR had a Restricted List

That actually started with California Tax office, but yeah, Backroom Deals is a rock star - I actually use it for offense, e.g. NOT having to pay full upkeep for the Stevens, Bobos, and Lillians :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the increasing number of dudes available on every value has decreased reliance on one-off studs like them. Since you can very easily get 16/16 draw structures without duplicating dudes, you aren’t as reliant on running multiples of 1-turn studs to make your shootout hand as strong as possible. I was playing Backroom in a deck when it first came out and I literally never used it to take control of a dude for which my opponent didn’t pay upkeep.

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Agree With this


You’re right. That was the first time I sincerely looked at him in my deck.

When I had mine in my deck, I would use it early and often to keep my opponent from using it (as my decks tend to have high upkeep).