If gencon was next week what would you bring to play and what do you think you would see

If gencon was next week I would bring deed slide because I think it’s the most reliable against the majority of the decks out there it packs action hate influence reduction, and of course non shoot out pressure. The decks I think I would see would be 4r control packing marks and abominations. Mad science here and there. Super Mario out of desolation row. What do u all think?

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Gadgetorium Gadgets, mostly just because I’m stubborn and love them. :smile:

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Oddities of Nature control. Durable and has the influence to mess with Deedslide.

Oddities of Nature - DMH Shooter - jank, but fun as all get out. Funtime Freddy FTW :stuck_out_tongue:

Do show us that!

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I’d take slide punishment LD similar to this: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

With added Fancy New Hat tech.

I would expect the field to be 50% MCC Landslide, 25% 4R control and the other 25% everything else.

Some crazy fool will be there with a gadget deck and somehow making the cut.

There will also be the “new thing” a deck we haven’t seen yet that someone has been sitting on so as not to give away what it does, they won’t win but they probably semi final, spawning a wave of net-decks that do the same thing.

I would run a super aggressive desolation row deck I have brewed up

On second thought with playing around Sloane Huckster using DR is pretty stinking good. @Alex nothing you build messes with my deed slide lol jk. @Whizzwang I approve that message.

@jedilanni - We’ll see how playtesting goes.

I think we’d see a lot of Desolation Row and 4th Ring Control. Those decks have just the best straight out win percentage odds right now, I believe.

I’d just play the deck I have the most experience with, which is Law Dogs Aggro/Control with Rafi Hamid and a lot of Government keywords. I think it would do fairly well in the current environment with Sloane decks putting bounties on their own dudes for me, and people playing around with California Tax Office.

Realistically, if people are getting too cute with all the new cards I think I’d go with some pretty straightforward decks like Morgan Landslide and Sloane Aggro out of the old box.


Governent / Rafi gets a lot of love with Frontier Justice with the jail as you can start it in play, Burton to give out wanted immediately, then use a BH and rope and ride to drag people out of town square to deed.

So much synergy for that deck now it’s brilliant.