Infinite Potential

Infinite Potential

Based on Goreshde’s Masterpiece theater. See his deck if you want a good description of what this deck does. This deck has a decent economy because of the actions, incredible card advantage from home ability and deeds, It starts a dude who begins at a 3 stud and goes up from there, a ton of cheap decent studs, and 14 A’s, 14 8’s and 9 J’s (you want J’s to drop off except for the diamonds.) so it has very good early defense against jobs, especially if you get to mid to late game. What Goreshde described in his deck holds true here, baring opponents surprises, you can draw 20 or more cards from a trimmed deck, strong with DMH cards.

Buffalo Rifle is the most important addition. Zach can join any intown shootout, while staying in the town square with Danny.

Civil War to move Danny or Zach bach to the town square if they get booted out of position. Also can often be used to pull someone to the town square from their home.

Hired Guns to bring back vital dudes who get discarded from casualties or kidnappin’. This can be swapped for Lady luck if you like.

1 copy of ambush for forcing your opponent into a shootout. Couple with Buffalo Rifle + Zachary for maximum effect.

I call it ‘Infinite Potential’ because it’s has unlimited potential for stud bullet rating, Influence, and control points.

Mplain pointed out to me that Buffalo rifle doesn’t keep Zach from moving to the location during a job. It is still an amazing shootout threat when going after control of a deed. Also, Civil war lets your opponent chose which of the 2 dudes to move, and where to move them anywhere on the board. Still very useful for moving your dudes back to the town square if they get booted out of position if you can run a dude out to them. Civil war can and may get swapped for something like lady luck, or Hustled.

Looks really fun to play. Really seems like a hit or miss thing, but I guess a lot of the more conventional decks will have problems against this.

Do you draw the Mask - Evidence combo consistently? Also, how quickly are you able to engage in shootouts and setting up that DMH?

How about Bounty Hunter instead of Reserves? This could help against decks that do not rely on shooutouts or Desolation Row that can stack up Control pretty quickly as well as Influence.

I’ve not had much time to play lately, so this isn’t based on many play throughs.
As far as getting the Evidence + Bandit Mask, this is the deck that has the best chance of getting combo cards, there isn’t much I can do to increase the chance of getting the combo. You get essentially to keep 6 out of the first 7 cards. Your home ability can then also let you see 3 more cards, and keep 2 of them. If you get Circle M, or pony express, you can see another card (if you can afford the deed.) Finally, buried treasure doesn’t really count as being cards in your deck, since they redraw you a card. By end of turn two, it will be very rare not to get the combo started at least in part enough to take hold of the town square. In the end, I believe this deck is capable of standing on its own without the combo.

Bounty hunter could work, but I prefer the bounties going onto Danny. That, and I desired a card that is always easy to play. Though a small benefit, it helps the decks economy.

All things aside, the reason I like this deck more than my Never Say Can’t deck is that at it’s heart, it has a very respectable draw structure, a starting 3 stud dude (who grows with Danny), and a ton of stud dudes to play. So while it doesn’t have shootout actions, the deck can perform very well in a shootout. DRow can have the first couple turns, once I set up in the town square, with a stud in the teens, and several studs to back him up, I’ll gladly see my opponent try and pull a DRow job.