Inked cards new pack

Just got The Showstopper saddlebag, and 2 of my shi long peng and 1 Seamus McCaffrey have ink stains over them, does anyone have a similar problem? And should I contact AEG?

My pack appears to have escaped unscathed so at least the whole batch isn’t marked, thanks for the warning and sorry yours was damaged.

My experience with AEG is that they’re very good on this kind of issue: a quick email to customer service ( detailing the problem is normally sufficient for them to send replacements. They were very good when some cards were missing from my premium edition (a gentleman named Mark helped me out, albeit he was in customer service so I assume it wasn’t the designer!).

Good luck!


Same. I’ve only had good experiences with them handling marked or missing pieces in my products.

same here, contact them !