Interview the New Boss

Hello everyone!

I am calling out our own RichCarter and interviewing him on 3/29, but I need a posse to come up with the questions.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask the new Lead Designer, post them here or shoot them to me in a PM and I will aggregate them. The resulting transcript will be posted on the site as a blog post!

Thanks everyone!


Why do you like this game?


How does he feel about older (mostly core set) cards being outclassed/out-costed by newer cards (Wyatt Earp vs Dave Montreal, Ivor EXP vs original Ivor, Eli Waters vs Abram Grothe)?

What design space do you think grifters could get into? How do you feel about dudes with reoccurring grifts like Travis Moone EXP?

Entrepreneur shamans when?

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Great idea!

Where do you see the game in 5 years time?

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Most (or at least some) of the faction feel like they have reasonably rounded set of archetypes. With the game moving out into the wider world are we going to new focuses for any of the factions?

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Follow up to Neramoor: Are we going to see a 2nd wave of aligned grifters as the factions find new representation in Tombstone?