Introducing myself - dcdennis comes to Gomorra

Good morning folks!

I just wanted to make a post formally introducing myself. I have come to your community through the Game of Thrones LCG which is my first love (i’ve already seen a few familiar names on these boards from the Thrones community which makes me happy =D). After hearing nothing but great things about this game since last years Gencon I finally decided to take the plunge and pick it up with some thrones earned store credit. It took a few months to get the patience to sit down and learn it, but now that I have I am completely enamored with it.

I recently purchased all the packs to be caught up on the card pool and now that i feel comfortable with the basics, Im in the process of trying to learn the finer points of the rules and strategic aspects to both game play and deck building (a long process that I am looking forward to).

I look forward getting to know you all in the coming weeks/months and hope to get in more than a few games on OCTGN with all of you. If any of you have patience and are bored one night and wouldn’t mind walking me through a game or two on OCTGN so I can get my feet wet please ping me (‘thedennis’ on OCTGN, ‘dennisharrisonjr’ on skype)! (i am very familiar with OCTGN via thrones so i’d only need help learning ‘the correct way’ to lay cards out for a doomtown game).



We recorded OCTGN tutorial last week , here is a link : Twitch

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i literally finished watching that this morning. saw it over on the BGG boards. really good content ty.

by the way, i am fucking BLOWN AWAY by the doomtown plugin after watching that tutorial. compared to y’all, thrones players are in the stone age. None of our actions are scripted so I just assumed thats how ALL games ran on OCTGN. I’m stunned at how great and powerful OCTGN can be with a little effort.

thank you very much for both the tutorial and the plugin to those who made them.

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It is DB0 who is an author of a client, he also regularly fixes bugs and adds new scripts ( not all of the cards are scripted, I’d say around 95% of the cards are).

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Well…not exactly “little” :wink:

But yeah, if one has the will and time they can do very high-level automation. Check out my plugins for ANR or even better Star Wars to see some more interesting scripts :wink:


Hey man! If I’m not mistaken you actually lent me a ton of assistance when I re-wrote the OCTGN plugin for thrones 2 or 3 years ago via posts on the old OCTGN support boards. Glad to see you’re still kicking ass.

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Allow me to toot Db0’s horn - especially since you and others realize how slick scripting can work for OCTGN:

Still waiting for Puppet to be usable by ctrl+z (have to double-click it at present), have been four months now =_=

Patience, grasshopper…

Welcome Dennis. I played Thrones for a while too. Netrunner kinda ruined that for me. I always said “The game that will get me to quit ANR is a Doomtown reboot.” Welp, here I am. Glad to have you on board, welcome to the west. Make yourself at home and please feel free to contact me if you have any site issues or suggestions.