IOUF Rulebook fiction?

Hey folks,

Quick question, for those that were lucky enough to attend GenCon and nab the Faction Pack weeks before the rest of us. Anyone willing to give us a summary or even a scan of the Rulebook fiction? -Super- curious about the new factions, would love to hear what stories they got. Thanks to any that can contribute!

If nothing else, just keep an eye on the DT:R Archives page. It’ll be up there soon enough.

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Cool, thank you ^^

One of the guys from today’s sheriff in Huddersfield will be putting it up tonight - on here hopefully

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Ok Guys, Ready!

I still need to update Boot Hill, but the fiction is here.

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Awesome, thanks much! :slight_smile: Definitely an interesting peek. So the Wardens are definitely a Good faction, or at least they’re quite good intentioned. The 108 definitely seem more Neutral, hedging to their own ideology of right/wrong. Both sound like good mixes into Gomorra.

Also no doubt who is sheriff now.

Thanks Whizzwang, I was indeed supposed to be scanning and posting the story, but it seems I was beaten to the punch in the time it took to travel back from Huddersfield! Thanks to the DT Archives guys for posting the story so everyone can enjoy it.