Is Philip dead? Is Lawrence going to make it?

The fates of these two characters seem inexorably linked. Both at the same stats and each has an idealism that made them separate from their faction. The last story from Philip makes it sound like Sanford killed him, It didn’t actually show the act but given what we know of Sanford, it doesn’t look good.

Likewise, Lawrence’s fate seems to be set in stone as Law Dogs are set to make an example out of him. Sloane is racing to his rescue though…

I want to feel sorry for Phil, but I also want him to be dead. We refer to him as the village idiot in the UK for a reason :wink:

There’s no way Sanford let him live.

Lawrence is turning out to be a really interesting character and Jon Del Arroz has done an awesome job with him in the Gomorra Jail piece. I’ll be sad to see him go if he does.

Everything so far seems to point to him swining though. Flavour text on Makaio, Sloane figuring that he’s going to swing pretty soon and even big Dave Montreal being regretful at the fact that he’s going to have to hang (I forget the line but he’s upset that the only Sloaner they can bring to justice is the only one that’s truly remorseful)


I don’t like game masters that abuse deus ex machina plot twists. Phillip must be dead.

I’d actually enjoy both living through this.

Especially if we can get more of a switch from them:

Swinford becoming bitter and cynical of the law, striking out on his own.
Lawrence turning to become a man of the law, or at least a man of the cloth.

I don’t know if it can happen, but I’d love to see it.


@gozik you obviously didn’t get my memo that Elijah is going to swoop in, form a new flock starting with Phillip first and take over Gomorra. I’m just waiting on Brett’s approval for the storyline to go through…

…still waiting…

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@otomo Can I get you something to drink? A magazine perhaps?

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The rotting saloon doors hung depressingly from the dilapidated frame of the Killer Bunnies main entrance.

It had been 25 years since Philip Swinford had disappeared while chasing down the Sloane Gang.

The gnarled and hunched figure of Jon Del Arroz sat patiently, as he had done for the past nine thousand one hundred and twenty five days.

A shadow fell across the floor in front of him, cutting out the late evening sun.

Like so may times before, that small flicker of hope rose up in him as he turned his head towards the doorway.

“Come on old timer, let’s get you home” Said Balder, no stranger to this daily ritual.


“Maybe tomorrow”


Well - I would like not to know what happened to Phillip and then in a years time him and Annie Portman returns to wreak havoc on Sanford and the Sloane gang.

But Ive always had an itch for using the Gal With No Name…


@Balder A beer would be nice…

@Wizzwang woot. I think this marks the first time I’ve been a character in someone’s fiction :smiley:


As mentioned when we were discussing this at the OP Kit 2 event in Huddersfield, at the end of that fic things aren’t looking good for Phil but he hasn’t actually bitten the bullet yet. One of the earlier story pieces mentions that Wylie Jenks is out tracking Phil’s whereabouts, and as the card says, there ain’t nothing Wylie and Bramble can’t track. Could it be that Wylie turns up in the nick of time?

As much of a Law Dog fanboy I am, I kinda hope Phil bites it. Would really push the cycle of revenge in the town (especially if Lawrence swings), and having him saved in the nick of time right after the commercial break ends feels a little too light for me. Bad things happen to good people, especially in the scary Weird West.

Phil XP2

Phil being harrowed is a really easy way to take his arc. I don’t necessarily think he will be killed or if he is he will stay that way. Perhaps mind screwed into obedience or reanimated by the Fourth Ring. Whately might get a new agent.

I think a drifter Rafi is likely with the mind control.

Hmmm… can I add anything to this topic… Lemme check with the boss.

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