Its on like some sort of donkey kong! More Doomtown incoming!


Doomtown Reloaded News

Last year rights to the expandable card game set in the Deadlands universe—Doomtown Reloaded—reverted back to us after being served long and well by our friends at AEG. Whether you’re rootin’ for the Law Dogs, the Sloane Gang, the Morgan Cattle Company, or the Fourth Ring, we want you to know that the struggle for dominance in the dusty town of Gomorra will continue.

Some Legendary news: new cards are coming for Doomtown Reloaded!

We are partnering with Pinebox Entertainment to create new material to supplement the existing game of Doomtown Reloaded! Pinebox Entertainment is founded and run by passionate Doomtown fans and members of the Doomtown:Reloaded team who made the original game. We think you’ll be just as excited as we are when you see what dastardly deeds they’re cooking up for Gomorra.

Our website will “release” the existing game set pieces for ordering this Tuesday. The base set, Pine Boxes, and Saddlebag expansions will all be listed individually. We’re also offering a bundle to get everything in the line for 10% off!


I may or may not have just peed a little in my pants…


This made my day ! I may get to see Sheriff Blackjack


I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m surprised to hear this.

I’d be lying even more if I didn’t say I’m BEYOND excited to hear this!

Way to go, PEG!


Does being surprised to hear this indicate they didn’t bring you back on board for it?

Actually, given how it’s worded there, I wonder if this means “the game and thus story will continue” or “there’s going to be a one-time release of new cards.”

Nobody has talked to be about being a part of anything, no.

My guess is that PineBox Entertainment is the name that the fan group has given themselves and they’ve reached out to PEG to keep something going. That’s how Harrowed Entertainment Group started … it was me and Tim Meyer working on a couple of fan projects to help continue Classic Doomtown that ended up coinciding with AEG’s decision to reboot the game.

Who knows what it will mean … it could mean that they intend to continue the game (and story?) in some way for as long as it remains profitable. Or it could mean that they just plan to print that final trio of Saddlebags after Blood Moon Rises that were all but finished, but never printed (after all, the work is pretty much already done … they just need to print and distribute them). Or it could be a combination of the two … time will tell.

Great news.

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Thanks for helping keep the community alive and enthusiastic during the game’s hiatus with your story Q&A thread. It was great fun.

I’ll second the way to go to both Pinnacle (they said they’d look in to continuing the game) and Pine Box (rapidly picking things up after the AEG era ended less than a year ago).

Same goes to @Pr0digy and the others working on the online tournaments.

Hm is it confirmed that we will get more information on Tuesday? Also is it me or it looks like the two new factions are dropped? I am going to miss EW :), I already forgotten about the other ones, what they were called again?

Kickstarter post says they (Pinnacle) will be they updating their website on Tuesday, so we might get a little more information then. I imagine we’ll see a steady drip of information to build hype.

Sorry that I can’t help with any information beyond that, those in the know and able to talk might be able to help on your faction question, or at least let you know when there will be an answer. I wouldn’t tend to read a lot either way in to a marketing announcement (although as a fellow fan it’s natural to search these things for clues!). :slight_smile:

No worries, I am happy that we will be getting new cards, hopefully sooner than later.
I just hope that the new cards will be released at slower pace, 120-140 cards a year would be the best for the game.

While it’s always nice to salivate over tons of new cards, I agree in some ways and disagree in others. I play a lot of LCG’s, and there’s a really fine balance that you need to nail with card release rate.

When you look at how FFG handles releases (Netrunner, Conquest, and now Arkham Horror), they hammer out a good ~20 new cards every month, and have the deluxe expansions between every 6 packs, which is another ~55 cards. But right now in Netrunner there’s a huge bloat of card interactions and strong deck archetypes that the vast majority of the community doesn’t find fun.

Then you look at something like Ashes of the Pheonixborn that released a great game with strong mechanics, and took a slower approach. We’ve got 4 expansions, but there’s no sign of a future from the game. There’s no communication on new releases despite teasers a half a year ago about new factions, and we’ve had exactly one Organized Play kit.

So I agree that a slow release rate is great because it lets the design team be more selective with what they release to the community, and keep crazy cards a bit more in check. But at the same time, if they aren’t releasing cards regularly enough (or at least communicating effectively) then everyone’s going to feel like the game is still dead.

Oh how I wish this means that PEG are in for the long haul and wants to do it right this time.

It would be fantastic to look forward to new OP events and be able to see DT boxes back in the FLGS. Promotion to get new players into the fold.

Let this not just be a way for PEG to get existing DT:R fans into Deadlands RPG.

I’m a professional cynic (as Blur once sang!) but even in this “darkest timeline” case, you’ll get some new Doomtown Reloaded material according to the announcement.

Pinnacle said they’d look in to this back in June 2016 and seem to have devoted a reasonable amount of time and energy to this and have done so - they’re people of their word! Particularly as it looks like they’ve taken the risk of acquiring AEG’s old stock (guessing from the announcement if they’re stocking at selling it). Shane at Pinnacle even emailed me back when I sent them an email on Doomtown last year - they seem honest and have good intentions (no pun intended on the recent RPG release!). I think they’ll give the game a reasonable shot.

The playerbase made a big effort organising 2016’s successful Outlaw Tournaments, so with the return of new production we might see something similar this year or in the future.

Maybe I’m being too optimistic for once - Just call me Dr. Pangloss (Mad Science: 0). :wink:

Hm, the way I see it, PE is going to produce the game (I think this is the same group of guys who tried to get rights to DTR after cancellation ) and Pinnacle is just going to release it.

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Could be! I read it that way on production of the new materials, agreed on this point. :slight_smile:

Don’t have any inside track on this, but I read the announcement as Pinnacle being the seller of the Old Doomtown Reloaded core set and expansion, so they’ve presumably taken significant inventory risk in buying the old product from AEG, suggesting some commitment to the game. Plus it is their intellectual property - they don’t want a poor job to damage the brand.

Both companies having similar abbreviations can make things tough: Pinebox Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment → both are PE (also top long running rap group Public Enemy)! Confusion and misunderstanding beckons, will do my best to be clear. :wink:

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is their full name, often abbreviated as PEG. That should help in differentiating the two.

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@Doomdog - indeed, but am I consistent enough not to screw this up? Efforts at keeping me inline and discussions clear much appreciated! PEG and PE works well, provided we all stick to it…

I just hope the first release is not that far away, OCTGN is a ghost town nowadays.