Jacky Isham - Good?

Looking at this card from a noobs perspective she seems really good (2 bullets + 3cost + 0 upkeep are what stand out to me). Do veterans feel the same? Trying to gauge how my understanding is coming along.

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Her cost makes her a good starting dude, as she’s good defense against a first turn Kidnappin’ or an early job from the experienced Judge Harry. Just have to remember that if she’s called out for a shootout, her ability doesn’t apply.

That’s actually wrong. Her ability also applies when she’s called out herself.


I also feel she is a pretty strong card that allows decks that need time to build up to have an option for an early defense. Also, her high values makes her immune to shotguns which is a big plus. On the downside, she has 0 influence which limits your options for other starting dudes, but I guess you can’t have everything for 3 GR :slight_smile:


Did you mean that if she’s called someone out for a shootout?

She can use her ability when joining a marks posse. If she is the mark, she joins her own posse and can use her ability. If you call someone out, she joins the leaders posse and can not use her ability.

You defend → you can use her ability
You call out → you can not use her ability

I found her pretty useful in today’s Huddersfield Deputy (deck list here). Gave one of my Fourth Ring opponents a headache as he couldn’t hit her with Paralysis Mark, so she was able to bodyguard Lula Morgan effectively. Give her a shotgun and get some influence on her so she can start contesting deeds and she’s even more annoying.

She was probably MVP in my winning deck at the Huddersfield deputy event today

Ah, I thought her being the mark precluded her from joining the mark’s posse. Even better.

JackieI also loves her a Winchester 1873 - 1 GR for a 3 or 4 stud.
Winchester also works on Defense, but with the W1873, Jackie can become a Stud on defense AND offense.

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I think everyone has pretty much covered it, but yeah, she’s very very good.

On value with Fancy New Hat so easy to get her some influence, always a stud on every defence, cheap to play. She fills a hole at K value very nicely.

That being said, you probably wouldn’t run her in everything, hyper aggressive decks won’t get much legwork out of her as they will the one doing the call out for example.

I enjoyed her in a Sloane deck this weekend, great to defend Allie in town.

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