Jacqueline joining a job targeting a location you control

I’m feeling rather certain about this question, but I’ve heard a lot of people getting confused on this.

Jacqueline Isham
Dude • Draw 2 • Influence 0 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 0
Repeat React: When Jacqueline joins a mark’s posse, or a posse opposing a job, she becomes a stud.

If I target a location I control with a job, and Jacqueline joins the posse, can she use her react ability
(e.g. Maggie Harris playing her job which targets your home, Jacqueline joining and becoming a stud)

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why would she be able to? the mark would be the location, so she can’t join it’s posse, and you’re not opposing a job you’re running a job.

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The mark can be a target of attacking posse, e.g. Epidemic Lab is a mark.

right, but whoever is running the job is the attacking posse because they’re the ones trying to get the “big effect”, even if it’s at a location you own. any other way of handling this would be SO confusing.

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Sorry to be the Harsh one here. Rules question forum is not the place for discussion’s we are endeavoring to keep it as clean as possible for players to search and find rulings.

no worries, sorry. i wasn’t considering that.

Hi @jayjester , excellent question!

There’s a few ways this scenario could occur, either with the Maggie Harris scenario that you describe, or for example during an Epidemic Lab Job.

Bear in mind, there’s always a Leader’s Posse and Mark’s Posse. So, during your Maggie Harris’ job, or your Epidemic Lab’s job, whomever you send will form the Leader’s Posse. Whomever your opponent sends to oppose the job (f they send anyone), forms the Mark’s Posse. It doesn’t matter that the mark is your location, what’s important is that it’s your opponent who forms the opposing (mark’s posse).

Remember that you cannot ever have a dude in both posses at the same time, so with your Jacqueline, it doesn’t matter that it’s your location. Since she cannot join the mark’s posse (which is your opponent’s posse), or a posse opposing a job, she cannot use her React ability.

Hopefully that clarifies some, if you’ve any follow up questions please feel free to start up a new thread.