Jankiest DTR deck- CONTEST!

@nxt2ArchStanton wanted some help giving his fantasy football team some DTR Flava. So, that got me thinkin’ about Janky decks that fly on a concept more than a solid backbone of real strategy. I’ve been trying to get the Fabulous Mr. Miss into my 4R decks and he just never quite makes the cut. So why not build a deck around him?

Mr. Miss’ Fabulous 69ers.

This has sorta been suggested before:

But, I’m going one step further. I DARE y’all to have the chutzpah, the unmitigated gall to come up with the JANKIEST deck of 'em all. The rules:

  1. This runs through sometime Monday evening 8/31
  2. Likes and comments can’t hurt, but my fiat is final
  3. Deck has to be legal (52 cards/jokers, no more than 4x of a suit/value etc.)
  4. Some actual concept of win condition/play style (e.g. shooters 2 or 3 key values, lose to win, DnD, bicycle, etc.)
  5. Deck build embodies name/theme/concept
  6. HAVE FUN!

Oh, and @RichCarter - the answer is NOT “All of 'em”
I will put up a Gencon Hoosier Hostility wooden lowball/dealer token - shipped worldwide (but I take no responsibility once it leaves USPS hands):

This is what I dream for. I love building Janky decks, and trying really hard to make it work. Some Jankier than others

Deadman Morgan, DMH + Huckster control. Starring the queen of the Cattle, Lillian.

Twisting Shotgun Fu, Get a shotgun down, Pull jobs on dudes to start a shootout. Corporeal twist + Raking Dragon, mean you can ace anyone, and get a ton of control from it. Zhu’s reward to send everyone away so you don’t reach resolution. Fairly tight draw structure helps if you do end up in a shootout. (completely untested)

Nun them through Nuns with rapiers of the spirit. If they refuse to fight, confess them.

Econ Punishment A deck focused on taking GR from opponent. Completely untested.


Ah yes, Lilly Bomb decks - Buff Lilly -hilarity ensues :smiley:

I am in.
No surprises.
All I need to do is comb through my Facebook messenger chat and flesh bad ideas all the way out.

Also reminds me of a Classic Tradition that Reloaded needs more of - creative and informative (to the owner) Deck Names.

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My dream is to make an aggressive Lillian deck with “…It’s who you know” and “Mirror Mirror”. Other spells for flavor, especially “Paralysis Mark”

Just wonder, what makes you think that this is junk?

Updated a pair of my favourite jank decks with some new cards

Clubless QUATERMAN rocking the new Elander and a flamethrower:
Mario + Louis v 2.0 now with added card draw and repeatable cash to make it work

I guess my “4th ring madest science” would fit the request:


I am definitely in! Here are a couple, and I’m sure I’ve got more:

The Explosive Dr. Gillman, because Arden Gillman is one of the less popular Morgan scientists, and there are now quite a few cards around that let you play around his drawbacks (slightly). Have Dr. Gillman travel around Gomorra demonstrating the wonders of modern science, and when things inevitably explode, Warren Graves rides in to save the day. If Mr. Graves isn’t available, then taking a shot of Vitality Tonic will ensure that any science-based mishaps aren’t fatal (to Arden, at least).

Plasma Dragoons - My first real attempt at a gadget deck, because I like to make things easy for myself. It worked, to a degree, but not well enough to actually win a game at a Sheriff event.


I just lowered the bar:

Presenting Dog Dave Afternoon because Sheriff Dave in your starting posse cannot possibly fail… right?


Junk and Jank are two different things. Jank are meant to be silly and sub optimal ways to play the cards included. Stuff that may not be consistent but provides the player with a fun way of exploring the game’s mechanics.


How could I forget this one?

Who You Gonna Call? - A Ghostbusters inspired Arsenal deck that mixes some Mad Science with Abominations (brought into play from the containment unit… er, Soul Cage). I’ve played it in multiplayer and it’s quite a fun deck.

Run Down by the Clowns The Fourth Ring horse control/hex control mashup is now online.

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Too Soon. His corpse is barely cold.

I was winning some games on OCTGN using this horses-control deck: horz kontrol · DoomtownDB

FInal entry from me

it doesn’t get more combo than this: C.c.c.c.c.c.c.c.cOMBO!

Fetch, Ace in the Hole, Summoning, Soul Cage, Ghostly Gun, Steele Archer exp

It’s a mad house of repeatable spells, repeatable free dudes and repeatable use of a joker every turn

EDIT: Alright I lied, I forgot about this stupidity: Town Square Totems Harry to town square - drop pack awakens, run lots of Town Square jobs. That’s the last one I promise.

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Force Slingin’ - abusing Force Field with hand rank manupulation and undying dudes (updated version here). A single Unprepared kills this though.

Chief of Improvements - attach gadgets to deeds and win with Chief Seven-Eagles gaining 10+ colntol in the town square (also available with Totem flavor). Absolutely unable to defend their Improved deeds or hold the town sqaure.

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I was linking to the Fun Decks (Janky Decks) thread - this is the post that got linked. A whiz at the forums I am not :smiley:

I’m sure that Black Women magic is not silly or suboptimal way to play Lilly.

I think the idea of hexslinging Lillian is janky, is that running hexes in MCC means you are almost certainly starting Lillian. If your starting lillian, you’re spending nearly half your starting GR, and all your production on one dude, who is terrible in a shootout. If she gets a job on her, or she is called out, and your opponent knocks out her support (with such commonly used cards as pistol whip, SIYE, pinned down, faster on the draw…), you’re very likely to lose.

Don’t forget her Ability. She can snap her fingers and call over some bodyguards, like Jackie, Aces or even Steven Wiles or Tyx if you’ve managed to play them. There should be at least one of them in the same location to her or adjacent, so Pistol Whip is less of an issue.

This tier 2 archetype shows decent results sinse Lillian release. I don’t see anything janky here.