Jasper Stone Trait vs Alternate Bullet Bonuses

Jasper Stone’s trait says “Except at home, only your shooter contributes to your draw hand bonuses.” Seems pretty cut and dry, but I was wondering if this blocks stud/draw bonuses from traits and non-dudes.
The cards in question are:

  • Longwei Fu: “While Longwei is at home, your posse has an extra +1 stud bonus” (I think this is blocked)
  • Auto-Gatling: “This card’s owner has a +2 stud bullet bonus during shootouts at this location” (I also think this is blocked)
  • Mountain Lion Friend: “Your posse has a +1 draw bonus while this dude is in a shootout
  • And the recent spoiler, Buffalo Emporium: “[choose a dude at this location]… If that dude is an Abomination, unboot that dude, and your posse has a +1 stud bonus while that dude is in your posse.

I feel like Stone blocks these for most cases, but what if Mountain Lion Friend is being carried by your shooter or Buffalo Emporium boosted an abomination who is now your shooter? Does the fact that your shooter is helping bring the bonus somehow sidestep Stone, or are they blocked outright?


Thanks for your question @SavageJack !

Jasper Stone does indeed block stud and draw bonuses that originate from traits and non-dudes, that
contribute to the overall posse bonus instead of the actual dude’s bonus. With each of the cards you list, the bonuses that are given do just that: they contribute to overall posse bonus, not directly to that dude’s bullets.

However, that isn’t to say that Mountain Lion Friend and Buffalo Emporium aren’t a little confusing, but let’s investigate.

  • Mountain Lion Friend does indeed give a draw bonus to the posse, if the dude is attached to in the shootout. Even if that’s the only dude that’s in the shootout (which makes that dude the shooter), it would make sense that the +1 draw bonus should apply to that dude. However… that bonus is still given to the overall posse, and not specifically that dude. Thus, Stone blocks the Mountain Lion Friend.

  • Buffalo Emporium works in the same way as Mountain Lion Friend. Since the +1 stud bonus is being given to the posse, and not specifically that dude. So Stone blocks the Buffalo Emporium.

It would be good to question then at this point: “What doesn’t Stone block?”

Stone does not block:

  • Cards attached to the shooter that give that dude a bullet bonus (Weapons, gadgets, etc.).
  • Additional cards that are not attached to that dude but are in the posse, but give that dude a bullet bonus (Nightmare Realm, etc.)
  • Action cards that give that dude a bullet bonus (Faster on the Draw, War Paint, A fight they’ll never forget etc.)
  • Any permanent bullet bonuses that the dude may have received (???, etc.)

Hopefully this should clarify some, but if you’ve any additional questions, please feel free to follow up!