Jasper Stone

A few questions:

  1. Is Worldly Desires ability considered a ‘draw hand bonus’
  2. If a shootout is happening adjacent to home, and a dude is home with a Buffalo Riffle who has joined the shootout, can they add their stud/draw bonus if they are not the shooter.
  3. Same as 2, but shootout at home, supporting dude with a riffle joined at an adjacent location.
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Thanks for the questions on Stone!
To your questions,

  1. Worldly Desires’ ability is not considered to be a draw hand bonus.

The key thing with respect to the next two questions is the Location of the Shootout, not the location of the dudes in the shootout. So since,

  1. The location of the shootout is not at home, only the shooter contributes to draw hand bonuses
  2. The location of the shootout is at home, so you get the full contributions towards draw hand bonuses. So the dude with the buffalo rifle, who’s at an adjacent location, would also contribute too.