Jen and the QUATERMEN: New and Improved

Hi all,

Here’s my untested, but updated with Frontier Justice, Gadget deck.

Please feel free to pick it apart, offer suggestion, and any other advice you can give.

Mostly, this should make my influence more mobile (even robots need hats to look good, and milk to keep on going!)

I start Irving instead of Travis. Yes, there are times (rather often, actually) when I don’t see a single gadget in my opening hand, but with 6 influence I usually have enough time to survive for a couple turns, so I can still get the Gadgetarium factory going. I really wish Howard Aswell could get a gadget other than an Improvement =_=

I found Faster on the Draw to be very good in this deck, often deciding shootouts in my favor.

I have my doubts about the Fancy New Hat, those Quatermen are prone to becoming casualties all too often for my liking.

Once you test this deck, I’d love to hear about your experience with Louis Parteur!

Yeah, I keep toying with Irving…he’s almost in the deck a lot of the time. I just can’t quite shake the feeling that I want Travis.

And yes, if Howard Aswell did something else…or didn’t require there to be no deeds in your hand, I would take him in a heartbeat (heck, even if he just had one influence).

Faster on the Draw is good, but I want to save it for my future Deputies deck. It’s also not on value, and I am only running on value clubs with this one.

Fancy New Hat is something I really want to work out…as it gives me mobile influence…or makes Jen even better.

I’ll definitely let you know how it goes!

I’m thinking that Louis Pasteur might be a reasonable alternative starter in a matchup vs. Clowns. Not sure how reasonable though…

Hm…my wife plays clowns a lot. I may have to try that out.

The downside is just how expensive he is…and I’d have to throw one of my starters back into my deck…which means one more potential failed pull.

OTOH if you’re not expecting early kidnapping, Pasteur can really accelerate your early gadget making

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He can, though I’d have to be careful about money at that point. He does kind of suck up all of my resources…

I guess I would drop Smiley at that point. Maybe something like:

Specks, Kyle, Jen, and Louis?

It gives me a lot of mad science, drops out Jake (who has been kind of a ho hum body for a while now)

The downside is that I have 0 money, so I’d best get some cash real fast.

The alternative is to drop Kyle and instead put in Irving…but I really like his ability, and Irving mostly just provides cheap Influence (which is useful).

Louis Pesteur costs about the same as three other mad scientists (Kyle, Willian, and Jen), and in order to keep up with them and invent as many gadgets per turn, he needs even more money. And he doesn’t give you a discount for inventing.

Here’s the thing: with my standard starting posse (Jake, Irving, William, Kyle, Jen) I have enough money and I invent gadgets for cheap, so I can play cards like Faster on the Draw and This’ll Hurt in the Morning, that help me defend against early aggression, and go on the offensive when I’m ready.

Louis Pasteur wants more money. If I start him I lose William’s discount, and I need to pay extra to invent several gadgets per turn. I need additional income. I want to be playing One Good Turn and Reserves. This will leave me more vulnerable to early aggression.

It’s tricky to balance the deck to support both a five-dude start and an anti-clowns Pasteur start…

P.S. and yes, shuffling several low-value dudes into the deck will make me fail pulls more often. While not a big problem if I’m using Louis’ unbooting ability, failing to invent a gadget and having to discard it would suck.


Drop Kyle and keep only Pasteur. With the 3 GR you save in your starting posse you can either unboot Pasteur to invent more, or buy a deed. Hell, I’d even drop Specks most of the time to avoid the 4 upkeep!

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Interesting ideas, but I think I like the Jake, Irving, William, Kyle, Jen starting posse.

It gives me a lot of influence, three Mad Scientists, and makes it tough for any one thing to take me down.

Louis, as much as I love him, just hurts too much to start with most of the time. If I find I’m having a tough time with clowns, he may get put in as starting as an experiment.

That strikes me as putting far too many eggs in one basket for a 1st turn Kidnappin’ or Ambush.

I do want to see how to start him though…maybe I’m missing something important, like Specks + Louis + Irving, let Louis Invent, get a rock back, and use Specks to throw out a cheap/free deed.

Which is why I only suggested him when…

Maan, with all the cheap studs you gave ‘em, even clowns run Kidnappin’ these days! :frowning:

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Oops, missed that comment @db0!

I sometimes Forget things. :wink:

How else do you think they get more Pagliaccio?

“Welcome to the circus!” indeed…

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I played this deck last night in a 3 player game (against Sloane Huckster and 4th Ring Control). A few observations:

  1. Trading out Travis for Irving was an amazing decision. That much mobile influence helped tremendously.
  2. I may trade out Jake Smiley for Travis, as I didn’t see the extra influence as that useful…though further testing is needed.
  3. My first time seeing kidnapping…and it’s made me happy I had two backup mad scientists in my starting posse.