Joan McGruder and Lay on Hands

Joan’s text:
Joan has -1 bullets for each other dude in her posse.
Joan cannot flee or be sent home from a shootout.
Joan’s attached cards cannot affect opposing dudes unless they have bounty higher than their influence.

Lay on Hands:
React Miracle 6, Boot: When another dude at a nearby location would be discarded as a casualty or aced at any time, boot this Blessed to send that dude home booted instead. That dude does not unboot during Nightfall this turn.

Can Lay on Hands save Joan if she was being discarded or aced (but leaving her in the shootout similar to her Harrowed ruling), or does her cannot flee or be sent home from a shootout prevent her from being saved?

Great question!

Lay on Hands will not save her.

Since she cannot be sent home booted instead, this replacement effect is not triggered.

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