Joan's Guile, and related Qs

So I have a bunch of questions about Joan McGrubers trait about “Joan’s attached cards cannot affect opposing dudes unless they have bounty higher than their influence”.

Could you define what exactly counts as “affecting opposing dudes”, and how this interacts with the following cards?

Will only certain Dudes and not others be legal to boot/discard for Jael’s Guile?

Similarly, will only some Dudes be blocked from joining/leaving by Scoop Hound?

How about the extra casualty from Evanor or Righteous Fury? - is that just floating around and unaffected by her trait?

How about if she casts Malisson at an unwanted Dude?

And will Heartseeker’s “cannot be prevented by anything ever” effect trump her trait?

Oh, and I might have some followup questions, so please leave the thread open after responding. :slight_smile:

Joan McGruder:
“Joan’s attached cards cannot affect opposing dudes unless they have bounty higher than their influence.”

Affecting opposing Dudes. See compendium for examples on Yagn’s meaning you can’t boot for Jael’s Guile and the entries on Bio-Charged neutralizer for examples.

Jael’s Guile will only affect certain dudes.

Scoop Hound affects shootout plays, not dudes, so it does not interact with Joan (reversal)

Casualties aren’t direct from one dude to another, it creates a “pool” of casualties and then they need to be soaked up. Joan would NOT keep an attached Eleanor from causing a casualty against a specific dude.

If Joan has a Mayfair Family Deck that would allow her to cast Malison, she can cast it because it doesn’t affect opposing dudes.

Heartseeker: Reduce your opponent’s casualties by three this round. If you win this round, ace the opposing shooter. This acing effect cannot be prevented (even if the shooter is Harrowed).

If Joan has a Mayfair Family Deck and casts Heartseeker, it can be cast and the opposing shooter will be aced.

The thread will remain unlocked for follow up. Malison and Scoop Hound ruling has been updated.

So as long as she has a legal target for Adler’s Needle (opposing Dude outside posse in same/adjacent location) with bounty<=influence, she can just point the Needle at them for an automatic CP since they can’t join? Awesome.

RT is evaluating the Needle inquiry and Scoop Hound ruling


Scoop Hound does not affect Dudes, it affects shootout plays.

Shootout, Boot: Shootout plays cannot bring dudes into either posse or send dudes home booted (they remain in the posse without booting).

Consistent with the ruling on Hidin Shadows, Joan’s trait does not interact with Scoop Hound since Scoop Hound affects the shootout, not dudes. This is a reversal to what was initially stated above.

Malison can be cast consistent with the Telepathy Helmet and Unprepared ruling in the compendium.

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Re: Needle. Joan gets the CP but the target dude does not get the influence penalty.

Will leave thread open for follow up.