Johnny Ringo and Nightmare Realm in Weird West Edition

Nightmare Realm:
Shootout Hex 3, Boot: Choose an opposing dude. That dude cannot leave the shootout this round. Each round before shooters are declared, give that dude -1 bullets and -1 value. Give your dude +1 bullets.

Johnny Ringo:
Shootout: Until the next round of this shootout, dudes cannot be chosen or affected by their opponent’s React, Shootout, or non-Cheatin’ Resolution abilities.

If Johnny’s Shootout ability is active, Nightmare Realm can still give your Dude +1 bullets.

This is a separate sentence on the card and with p.25 of the new Weird West Edition rulebook, this is allowed.


Leaving open for any follow up on new targeting rules.

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Similarly, Faster on the Draw is now a separate sentence and can also give a bonus.

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