Just a general curiosity naming types of players

Okay so first topic creation on this board which rocks. What would we call the players in the meta based upon how they play. What I mean is in magic you have timmy and what not. Thrones you have Jaime players very min max deck builders build for tourney only no neat trick just wins. Shagga player likes to play with shiny things wants to do combos that don’t win nor do they want to win the want to see the trick pony work. Then the Ned player very thematic won’t break the core value will stay in out fit and play with only let’s say law dogs only. What player types do we have for doomtown and what thematic name could we give them. Just thought would be an interesting topic to see what people will come up with.

The Sanford: The crash aggro player - 3:16 shooter, starts fights every turn.

The Swinford: The careless / new player - Always accepts a call out regardless, hasn;t learned the finer points of chess

The Montreal: The thematic player. Doesn’t use many drifters, never uses any other faction, he’s loyal to the end), stays true to the story concept.

I don’t really like to give name to newer players (especially knowing how Swinford is nicknamed on your island :wink: ). I like the others, though.
How about a Boldman? Someone that likes weird/experimental builds. Testing what other players won’t.

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Oh, I’m a Bold Man, alright - Jank-Meister would fit the bill.
Current WIP - DMH out of OoN does it get jankier than that?

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You’ve got have a Hawley.

What type of player that would be is not my job.