Justice in exile (Philip Swinford, Drew Beaumont et al) vs Henry Moran

This came up in testing on Friday last week in Edinburgh because someone @Harlath can’t stop cheating in lowball

When Henry Moran reveals a new low ball hand following the triggering of his trait is this consider to be revealing a second new hand for the purposes of triggers which go off the revealing of a cheating hand or does it fall within the same timing step therefore does not giving a second opportunity,

If it does generate a second timing window then I would assume that justice could be used twice if the lawdogs players opponent cheated twice.

Is this dependent on who wins lowball? If the lawdogs player wins lowball in the previous round can they choose to trigger justice before Henry replaces the hand? Conversely if their opponent is the winner from the previous round can they avoid justice triggering if their second hand is legal?


Many thanks for the question, this has been seen and is under discussion by the rules team.

Pretty sure the Henry Moran trait is something you have to “choose” to use.

Ergo, Winner gets first choice of traits.

Problematic if on first Lowball of the game, though…

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Actually Henry is a forced trigger by game state rather than a choose option

Following a lot a discussion by rules team we are ready to make our ruling.

Henry Moran when revealing a cheating hand skips the reveal trigger on first reveal (we will be clarifying this by doing a small errata to his trait wording) hence there is only one opportunity to react to a cheating hand should the hand be cheating twice in a row.

Henry Moran Should now be read as follows

If Henry is unbooted when you would reveal an illegal draw hand during lowball, boot Henry, discard the illegal hand, and reveal the top five cards of your deck as your hand instead.