Kung Fu Q+A - SPOILERS! (comprehensive KF rules)

So the Faction Pack is out in the wild.

What do you guys want to know? I’m sure @db0 can be convinced to field some questions.

To get you started here are the comprehensive Kung Fu rules:


Kung Fu is a new keyword found on dudes which represents their training in the martial arts. A dude with Kung Fu will have a rating (typically between 0 and 4) associated with it which is added to that dude’s value while he is in play. Having a Kung Fu rating also allows a dude to perform Kung Fu Tests and utilise Techniques as described below. When chaining techniques into a Combo, the dude’s Kung Fu rating determines the maximum number of additional techniques that can be chained, beyond the initial technique. Although Kung Fu may at first seem similar to skills such as Huckster and Blessed, it is not considered a skill and is not affected by cards referring to skills.

A technique is a special kind of action card that requires you to choose a Kung Fu dude and have them succeed a Kung Fu Test in order to play. To perform a Kung Fu test, make a pull and compare its value to the value of the dude chosen (including all bonuses such as his Kung Fu rating). If your pull is a lower value than that of the performing dude, the technique succeeds and you use the ability on the technique. Otherwise the technique fails and nothing happens (the ability has been used to no effect, and it’s the next player’s turn to make a play). Any reference to “your dude” or “this dude” on a technique refers to the dude who performed the Kung Fu Test.

Tao Techniques and Combos
Tao Techniques are techniques that are part of a specific school or discipline and can be played in combination with other Techniques from the same Tao. These techniques will have their Tao indicated on the card (for example Tao of Zhu Bajie or Tao of the Jade Rabbit) and many also include a Combo requirement, indicating that you can quickly follow up with another technique before your opponent has a chance to make a play. After you successfully play a Tao Technique check to see if you have satisfied the combo requirement (if any) on the bottom of the card, if so you may immediately choose and play a different Technique of the same Tao from your hand or discard pile choosing the same dude to perform the Kung Fu test. Not all Tao Techniques are able to chain into subsequent techniques, but they can all be used to chain from prior Techniques of the same Tao. The same dude must be chosen to perform the Kung-Fu test for all Techniques in a combo and the maximum number of additional techniques that can be chained is that dude’s Kung Fu rating.

Unlike other action cards, a tao technique is not placed in the discard pile after resolution, instead it remains in play until the end of the phase in which it was played so you will not be able to use the same Tao Technique card twice within a single phase. A Shootout Tao Technique would be discarded at the end of the “Make Plays” step of the shootout, immediately before either player picks their shooter. A Noon Tao Technique is discarded at the end of High Noon, immediately before you check for a winner.


Am I correct in understanding that Techniques are Clubs rather than Hearts?

Yes they are.

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Breaking out the salient points here:

  1. Kung Fu is NOT a skill, so anything affecting skills does nothing to it.
  2. A dude’s value goes up by their Kung Fu rating while in play. If they come up as a pull, they’re their printed value.
  3. You have to pull for each step of a combo. Fail and you break the chain, but previous steps still go off.

Wow, that’s interesting!

So they’re something like L5R Kihos, where rather than items to attach, they’re actions to use, plus they have a way to chain them (and a very specific way, I -like that-) And that’s also explains why they have a bunch of low value dudes. So unlike a typical spell pull, a kung fu pull goes like, 2 value dude + 2 value kung fu, pull needs to be 3 or less to work. A nice subversion on high pull decks.

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So Techniques can not be in a combo and they do get discarded right away after they are used.

Tao Techniques can be in a combo and get discarded at the end of the phase in which they were played.

  1. I would like to clarify this using Zhu’s Reward.
    Zhu’s Reward has no Combo requirement, so can it be followed by another Tao Technique of the Zhu Bajie Tao?
    I’m thinking no - that if it is played it must be the final Tao Technique in a sequence.

  2. If I have a Kung Fu 2 dude, I can play Raking Dragons, Combo into Zhu’s Ferocity, Combo into Raking Dragons?

Zhu’s Ferocity closes the combo.

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Because I can’t use Raking Dragons again, or because the dude is Kung Fu 2?

(Keep in mind that Zhu’s Ferocity does have a Combo requirement)

Sorry, I confused Ferocity with Reward. Yeah, the play you’re describing should be legal.

Ah I should have been more clear - Zhu’s Ferocity and Zhu’s Reward are different.

Ferocity has a combo requirement and Reward does not.

Sorry, 2 different questions.

Correct on both points

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What exactly does "different’ mean here? Another one from your hand, or with a different name than the last played, or different from any played during this combo? Can I chain Zhu’s Ferocity into Raking Dragons into Raking Dragons into Zhu’s Ferocity?

Different name from the last you used.

ZF->RD->RD->ZF is not ok because your third technique was not different from your second.

ZF->RD->ZF->RD however would be ok (assuming you have KF 3 and meet the combo requirement at each step) because each technique is different from the previous one.


Wow, I didn’t notice that at all when I first read through the combo rules. Good to know!

So what about the Jade Rabbit tao technique that we only have 1 of? Can we not chain a bunch of them together?

Nope. It’s kind of dead in the water atm until there’s another Jade Rabbit technique to use

It should be cool when it does. Almost Shadow Walk-esque. Rabbit into combat and immediately begin with other combos.

And chaining two effects that would bring the same dude seems overkill :smile:

So this may have been answered somewhere but with cards like abuelita espinoza which give dudes -1 upkeep, can that upkeep actually generate ghost rock on dudes with 0 upkeep?

No. It reduces upkeep, it doesn’t increase production.

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