Lacy O'Malley and Silent Sigil

Question about the interaction (if any) between Lacy O’Malley and Silent Sigil.

Does Silent Sigil force you to keep one card when you would discard your hand with Lacy?

Relevant text:


During Sundown, discard all cards in your hand.

Silent Sigil:

The number of cards you can discard at Sundown is reduced by one.

My interpretation has always been that you do keep one card (as you discard your whole hand, except the Sigil says discard one fewer, which would be your whole hand - 1). @Lapp said it was the other way (you discard your whole hand and Sigil’s text is irrelevant).

Mostly wanting to make sure there’s a documented ruling, either way. :slight_smile:

By running Lacy, you must ‘discard all cards in your hand.’

You no longer can discard a card at Sundown per rulebook effect because Lacy removes your choice to do so, per card text.

Silent Sigil react will allow you to go to 6 cards after you redraw your hand, but you do not have the choice to keep a card before discarding your hand.

Regarding the previous preview Legend article on Lacy, this ruling overrides the mentioning of Silent Sigil in its interaction with Lacy.