Ladies and Gentlemen - The LeMat Revolver

Ludiworld have released their Bad Medicine spoiler today and it’s a fantastic card!



For all those frustrating times your 4 stud fizzled with those frustratings 3 pairs :slight_smile:

Could this synergize with even more cards down the road :wink:
oh, the places you’ll go, and the dudes you’ll shoot :smiley:
Now, just something to help those ‘four flushes’ :smiley:

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Gah, more good natured teasing!

I like this - on table cheating punishment is welcome, helps balance out Den of Thieves (not that it seemed wildly out of balance, but gives people options if they fear it).

On 7 goes nicely with kidnapping and frees (some) clubs for other purposes. Also has appeal for bullet stacking jank to create high hand ranks. Normally (3 bullet dude +1 bullet from pistol) this just puts you on a full house, but with enough bullets you can create impressive hand ranks, Due to a weakness of personal character, I’ll doubtless try decks using this and find myself endlessly frustrated by Unprepared. :smile:

As with outgunned/point blank/make 'em sweat, a fan of cards that make bullet ratings/stud status matter.

Even the card’s name fits nicely with the mechanics: I assume the mechanics came first? Either way it fits well.


So, the cheatin’ ability is very good, not much to be said there, but it’s standard resolution ability is very I interesting. On the surface, you can make up somewhat for a bad hand when you just have a bunch of pairs in hand. Dig deeper and this card becomes amazing when used with cards that manipulate hand rank after the hand is revealed. Would work well with Force field, or even a second lemat revolver. Even better are cards that replace cards in draw hand, such as ace in the hole, ghostly gun, pair o six shooters, or Doyle’s Hoyle. Giving you the bonus on a full house instead of a two pair.


I want to make a deck which gives a ton of bounty/bullets on silas and makes him a stud, (Bad Company yolo) then purposefully pulls 3 pairs to turn their hand into a DMH :slight_smile:


The beauty of the LeMat revolver is that while it helps solve bad draw hands due to poor luck/janky deck construction, it also encourages further jankiness like the above.


ForceField + LeMat + Outgunned :smiley:


Lemat + QDH!

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So, if I have a full house, say 8-8-8-Q-Q, and I had another 8 on top of my discard pile, would that count as 3 pairs?

Or maybe it makes more sense the other way. Four of a kind 8s with a Q as the spare card and a Q on top of discard.

You need 3 different pairs - so a flush is the top normal hand you can build upon.

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Does it work with a Dead Man’s Hand (to counter lowered hand rank effects)?

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Same question!

If you can pull the last J, can’t see why not. But isn’t it hard enough to get the dmh in the first place? :wink:


Yes. If you dmh with a jack as your top discard you can Lemat to get your ranks back after they shenanigans you


Seconded requiring a gadget attached to each dude, or each dude being a gadget, during a shootout.

I’d also love to see experimental as a focus. :slight_smile:

Oops, somehow this got added to the wrong thread…