Larry Wilson art

Just saw his full art Phillip larger and it’s so good!


Needs to be a mat!

Make it happen!

Now I can see that here he also looks much older that on the original card, so it’s not just an issue with Swinford Finds Trouble. Guess you age fast in a place like Gomorra :wink:

Who is it in front of him? Does it has sloane red attire?

I guess it’s some abomination from Oddities of Nature that decided to reinforce the outfit ability with an Outlaw Mask. Although the landscape doesn’t look quite like a town square :wink:

I must be one of the few that’s not gaga about this artwork. His overcoat just looks like it is completely defying physics. Considering it’s a central point in the art, too, I can’t not see it whenever I look at it.

Someone has never walked briskly with an overcoat buttoned up. :wink:

This was a bittersweet piece for me - I LOVE the drama of the piece - the distorted fisheye perspective, looking over the dead body. I do dig the flying duster etc. But, when I saw the press version of the card (cards go final about 9-12 months ahead of time), I had already written the SB4 rules fiction. So I knew Philip would be in deep doo doo. Thus this moment of dogged determination that Larry captures would not last for Philip.

Still, it’s one helluva piece. Bobo remains my fave LarryW art, but as pure art, this is my second fave piece from him.

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So we’re still seeing cards that were developed before the core set was released? And new cards will start showing up in the third cycle?

In terms of art, probably. My guess is that card wording and balance are on a shorter–though still lengthy–delay. I know the software company I work for usually hits “code freeze” about 2.5-3 months before a release and we don’t have to worry about physical printing and distribution.