Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello everyone,
I’m just getting into Doomtown and fairly new to the area. I am looking for a group to teach me the game and play with regularly. I got into CCG’s when M:TG was still in revised edition and the first expasion was Fallen Empire. I’ve played Vampire (when it was still Jihad) and rolled dice with 2nd AD&D rules sets. Really I’m just looking for and older player group. Cool!Thanks for reading and I hope hear from you.

There was a playgroup in Las Vegas, but I’m afraid I don’t know anyone from there or whether the group is still active. @davido4015 might be better placed to help.

Some of the American players here or on Facebook might be able to help, and Pinebox have a list of various local Facebook groups as well as the main public page. The nearest groups on the Pinebox list are East Bay and Southern Cal…

Good luck tracking people down. :slight_smile:

At least one Las Vegas player is active on the doomtown facebook group:

post there - otherwise, I’ll see if I can hook you up

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That would be great. Thanks! I looked on their facebook page and it seems there hasn’t been anything new posted since 2015. I’ll keep looking though.

I have to amend my last post. Looks like there was some activity at the beginning of the month

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Grand news. Looks like you’ll be able to fulfil the classic Western trope of being the mysterious stranger who comes in to town and cleans the place up/dies in a hail of bullets. :wink:

I’ve noted your arrival to the Las Vegas mod/organizer - hopefully y’all get some games in.

Thanks, davido4014. I just bought a base set (will get the second one next month) and the first saddlebag. Gonna have my girlfriend learn with me.