Law Dog Control Point Rush

Too much free time tonight, here’s a likely very bad decklist that i brewed around the Abram Grothe+Ol’ Howard combo (you use Abram’s job to discard your Howard, to have your deed with all its control points).
Goal is to try and get as much control point turn 1 as possible while being good in shootout. Might want to work on the hand structure. Also the starting posse is way too expensive for my liking, i changed it a bit multiple time but i’m never satisfied.

Deck here on dtdb.

Law Dogs (Base Set)

Dude (7)
1x Philip Swinford (Base Set) (2)
1x Ol’ Howard (Ghost Town) (4)
1x “Thunder Boy” Nabbe (Blood Moon Rising) (6)
1x Steven Wiles (Base Set) (8)
1x Abram Grothe (Base Set) (J)
1x Denise Brancini (A Grand Entrance) (J)
1x Hattie DeLorre (Blood Moon Rising) (Q)

Deed (9)
1x 1st Baptist Church (Base Set) (3)
1x Quarantine Tent (The Light Shineth) (7)
1x Circle M Ranch (Base Set) (8)
1x Old Marge’s Manor (Foul Play) (9)
1x Carter’s Bounties (Base Set) (10)
1x Gomorra Jail (Frontier Justice) (10)
1x California Tax Office (Faith and Fear) (J)
1x Cliff’s #4 Saloon (Blood Moon Rising) (Q)
1x Railroad Station (Base Set) (K)

Action (36)
2x Pistol Whip (Base Set) (5)
2x Ol’ Fashioned Hangin’ (No Turning Back) (5)
4x Faster on the Draw (Faith and Fear) (6)
2x Comin’ Up Roses (The Curtain Rises) (7)
2x Kidnappin’ (Base Set) (7)
4x Rumors (Base Set) (8)
2x Backroom Deals (The Light Shineth) (9)
2x Cheatin’ Varmint (Base Set) (9)
2x Moving Forward (Blood Moon Rising) (10)
2x Putting The Pieces Together (The Curtain Rises) (10)
4x Flight of the Lepus (Frontier Justice) (J)
4x Clear Out! (Base Set) (Q)
4x Deliberate Infection (Foul Play) (K)


I like the Abram + Ol’ Howard + Holy Ground Deed combo! I hadn’t thought of that before. However, with 4 starting influence and only 2 other influence dudes in deck, you’ll be seriously vulnerable vs. deed slide and “chess match” decks. I think you could easily cut down on some clubs and beef up your dude roster. Deliberate Infection and Clear Out! would be the first to go, in my opinion.