[LD] Dirty Mario

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Now the write up.
This deck is the result of the frustration after some failed attempts to build an Abraham deck. The main idea is to have a good shooter and abuse him by moving him anywhere he’s needed.
Mario is a good dude and he doesn’t need much to start kicking but you need to make legal hands. 34 actions ensure a solid structure to make flush, with that only a five of a kind can beat you and in this case Mario goes home booted because of being a corpse and that.
The rest of the posse, Travis for ensuring a deed in the starting hand, Lucy for the influence and for only booting a dude with your outfit ability, you are going to play many legal hands in lowball, so Phillip is an obvious choice, finally the Rev. is there to unboot Mario after a job or after getting shooted.
The deeds are the first ones that came to mind, theres a good margin for improvement there.
13 cheatin’ resolution may look like way too many, but it’s your way to win shootouts as you keep playing legal flushes. The main idea is to make mario wanted and boost his bullets with the actions, also, back ways and clear out makes him a vert mobile dude. The rest of the actions are mostly noons to keep cycling as you look for your cheatin’ resolutions and deeds/dudes.

I haven’t played it yet, so I’m not sure if the draw structure is consistent enough, or the main weakness it can have against certain archetypes, so any insight on this idea is welcomed.

It is always better to post tested decks.

With 13 non-club cards, drawing flushes with Mario solo is going to be unreliable.

Yeah, I know, but my local play group is not very available at the moment and I’m a bit reluctant to OCTGN as I prefer play face to face and all that.

Draw hand structure requires a balance between enough deeds to get CPs to win and some support dudes, and enough clubs to keep pulling flushes.

Well, yesterday we got time to play three games and the results were ok. One win against Law Dogs deputy government campers and two loses against 4th Ring control.

On the first game I rushed with Mario with two coats of war paint when I saw one of his dudes isolated, Mario got something in his eye and became a draw and got discarded. After losing my main shooter I turtled and developed my deeds and tried to cycle as fast as possible to see any dude. Yan Li and the initial posse influence were enough to defend myself as his posse camped in some Hustings with legal instruments. Finally I played Clyde, he and Travis looked for a fight, Travis ate one casualty and Clyde went home booted, Perry unbooted him and Clyde started to punch people in the face again until he lost enough influence.

The second and third games weren’t that bad, 4th Ring Control is a hard deck to play against. I had enough influence to resist his blood curses, paralisys mark was countered with Perry until Forget hit the table, with my movement cards I countered his shadow walks for a while, but a few silly mistakes for my part(knowing when to run from a fight, or failing Perry’s pull in the town square) gave him the games. That and two Hex Slinging in the same shootout.

So, the deck is not as terrible as I hoped it would be, and some cards I put as a filler, too much attention for example, worked great. Draw structure needs to improve althoug, I’ve cutted two deeds to include another stud dude(Motimer) and trie to spread the clubs all along from A to K.

Did you actually draw any straight flushes?

Once, and wasn’t very relevant.

Mario Crane + Force Field

After some tweaking and applying basic maths(not many maths, I have to take my shoes off when I count to 11 or higher) the deck runs much better.

The clubs cycle fast enough to get what you need, unless you are unlucky in lowball and discard all your deeds.

I’ve played a few games more and the vibes I get are better, more legal hands, one or two straight flushes per game and between Perry and Backways Mario is anywhere he’s needed. The lone winchester is pure gold.

I still need to test the deck against control archetypes, though.