Legendary Quarantine

Legendary Quarantine

The Sanatorium (The Light Shineth)

Dude (16)

Deed (8)

Goods (14)

Action (14)

Cards up to Ghost Town

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Stick Shotguns and Holsters on your dudes and shoot your enemies to death. La Quema and Stakes let you make sure your well equipped dudes end up in the right places at the right times. Ambrose and the home ability (sometimes in combination) boost your influence and thenForced Quarantine wins you the game.

I’m also playing with idea of builds starting experienced Micah and experienced jia.

Feedback is welcome!

What do you do against Unprepared and Phantom Fingers?

If the dudes with shotgun/holster are intending to turn up to the fight after it’s started, then you run the risk of your weapons being useless. If they’re in the posse, I imagine you won’t start the fight without winning lowball, and for your structure how likely will that be?

Mainly I try to saturate the board with guns and brute force through, it remains to be seen how effective that is. I was thinking of trying this deck in Morgan stables, to take advantage of its react ability.

Maybe it’s worth weakening my structure to win lowball more.

What about Henry Moran? 2 draw who is still able to help out in the case of Stakes Just Rose, but if you do cheat in lowball from how tight your deck is, then you are able to try and get out of it.

Henry Moran might not work well since cheating 2-pair etc is also pretty common.

I’ve been starting JW Byrne, he’s perfect for this deck and I’ve also more starting rock now.

My thoughts: First, I’m not a fan of the Jia Exp and Micah Exp route. It’s very costly for not much gain. At least with this build you have a rockin 3 income. Too few conditions for Jia to be worthwhile in my opinion.

Second: I think this is pretty comparable to the other Holster decks with 2 main differences. 1- Quarantine is potentially better than kidnappin. Then again, it has it’s downsides as well, in that if their dude is unbooted they can send them on a suicide mission and potentially do some damage on their way out. 2- The pool of dudes available to 4R seem worse than other factions, at least in the A-3 range. A 1 upkeep Swinford or Lawrence Blackwood doesn’t seem great, but the influence is maybe worth it. The decks I’ve made around this theme often are lacking in studs, which is often a problem, but that issue seems even worse with a 4R build.

I guess the question is: is the somewhat better Quarantine and different home of the Sanitorium worth the available dudes? That home ability sure helps with shotguns, so I’m not sure about that answer.

EDIT: I had this typed up yesterday and forgot to post it - JW seems like a good addition.


I’ve been playing this starting posse recently and it seems really strong. JW, is great, I’m always happy to see La Quema in my opening hand now, since it’s basically a deed.

Part of me wants to make this a HLF since the dudes are so mediocre but it just gets too messy I think.