Legends and dtdb.co

Yeah I cannot wait until the Legend cards are “legal” for play. I think my favorite one is all of them.

And, curious if this has been discussed elsewhere, but, are they going to be incorporated into the database?


PBE does not operate dtdb, but we certainly hope they are included.

Given the announcement today, I will be advocating for Legality in the Fall Series and providing copies as part of the kit in addition to making them proxy legal.


That’d be cool. Already plenty of decks you can build with them without TftE cards.

Be cautious about that David, if they arent available to everyone it could create some sourness.


The intent would be that proxies would be legal to promote use of the new legends.


Good point, although I have reasonable confidence here given Pinebox’s proven ability to get cards in to the Epitaph tournament kits. They’ve demonstrated an ability to produce physical content for tournament kits, albeit I think the Winter tournament series was planned to be larger than the Epitaph series after Pinebox were pleasantly surprised by demand. As noted above, officially sanctioned proxies and as many copies as can be stuffed in the event kit seem like a sound plan. :slight_smile:

I’ve already played against people using proxies. I have no problem with that. Would be cool for an opportunity to get the full bleed promo Servitors for those of us who can’t make it to GenCon (my Grimme from the Euros is going to be lonely otherwise :slight_smile: ).

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