Legends Deckbuilding Series for Weird West Edition

In this thread we will list 8 Deck Lists that feature examples on how to utilize the existing Legends in Weird West Edition. We are aware trying to play with the Legends can be a little daunting at first with the added mechanic to track and we hope this Series provides examples you can adapt for your own deckbuilding on using these cards that truly emerge Doomtown into the Deadlands experience.

The following is our first Legend with Ezekiah Grimme and the planned list for the Series:

Grimme w/Serpentine Syndicate

In Testing/Original:
1. Ezekiah Grimme w/Serpentine Syndicate
2. Jasper Stone w/The Sloane Gang
3. Doc Holliday w/Bayou Vermilion
4. Andrew Lane w/Property is Theft
5. Lacy O’Malley w/Morgan Regulators
6. Raven w/Office of Ancestral Affairs
7. Darius Hellstromme w/Fort 51
8. Hank Ketchum w/Smith & Robards