Let's make a card round 4 - specifics

Apologies for the delay getting this up - I had some personal stuff come up late last week and completely forgot to update this with all the rushing around.

Back to business. With an overwhelming 48% of the vote, you guys have decided on a Cheating Resolution.

This round is going to work slightly different. Each of you may may comment once, and ONCE only with your desired resolution effect. The comment/ability with the most likes by Wednesday Morning 9am UK time will be the ability we work on fine tuning as a group.

Off you go!

Thing to note: We’re making a gadget so you can push a little further on the power front. We’ll sort difficulty, value, cost etc after we figure out what we want it to do.

Pull and add this dudes MS rating to the pull, ace a dude with grit lower than the pull

Cheatin’ Resolution: Choose a wanted dude in this shootout. Boot that dude and gain ghost rock equal to their bounty, then reduce their bounty to 0.

“Don’t tase me, pardner!”

Cheatin’ Resolution, Boot: This dude makes a pull. Your draw hand rank equals the value of your pull (to a maximum rank of 11). If the pull is a club, boot this dude and discard this gadget.


Cheatin’ Resolution, Boot: Raise a player’s draw hand by one rank

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Cheatin’ Resolution, Boot: Change the suit and value of a card in your draw hand. You may repeat this effect for each card in your draw hand by paying 2 Ghost Rock per card changed.


Cheatin’ Resolution: Change a card in the illegal draw hand to the suit and value of your choice. If this is a shootout, discard a wanted dude.

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Cheatin’ Resolution: If opponent revealed an illegal shootout draw hand and you do not. Make a pull. Discard one dude with value lower than pull you don’t collect bounty if wanted dude was discarded.

Not much voting going on this time people. Step to it :smile: