Light Shineth Story


Neat. The list of mystical gadgets is probably too small to do anything really interesting with him right now (especially since Valeria is a no upkeep stud who can also cast spells) but I bet this pack will include some. He might be a fun starter in an Oddities deck that controls Town Square if there are more gadgets to support them.

yeah, we knew this was coming eventually with how many mystic gadgets they keep trickling in and the support 4th ring gets. Love the flavor :slight_smile:

Clown carriage?

The flavor of this card is so much win!


Go go 4th Ring Mystical Gadget themed outfit

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Kind of reminds me of Tom Waits - Step Right Up


Right now, he helps with Clown Carriage, Diable en Boite and Holy Wheel Gun. Being able to toss the HWG around in the town square is pretty sweet.

Regardless of being able to invent mystical gadgets, his stats are solid enough for Oddities. He can even replace Valeria in some builds.

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Interesting card, but very restricted to only behaving with mystical gadgets only. As noted by others, the usefulness of this dude will be in the mystical gadgets. His Mad Science 2 brings a possible 6-J deck with HWG and Clown Carriage, than Mr.Miss, Bobo, Tyx.
I would like to see a mystical gadget that can callout dudes, or move opponents dudes.
Really wish Vitality tonic was mystical because of this guy.

I kind of wonder if the town isn’t suddenly suffering a ‘mysterious’ illness that obviously would have nothing to do with an evil ring master collecting powerful mystic objects. Obviously.

Great to see a Snake Oil salesman finally come to town! Maybe we’ll see a line of skin care products come out promising great benefits with unintended unfortunate drawbacks…


Snake oil is skin care! You ever seen a well-oiled snake with eczema? No, you haven’t.

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