Little Deck-building Synergies

After an inspired read of @Findegil’s mathematical musings (Assorted thoughts on Welcome to Deadwood - #6 by Findegil), I thought of an idea for a thread, which I’d like to start here.

The process of making and sharing entire decks can quickly become complicated. But what if we instead could share “Little Synergies” between Starting Posses and Basic Combinations that could serve as a starting point (or midpoint, endpoint, etc…) for doing the rest of the work of making a Fully Fun and Functional Doomtown deck?

I’ll start, shamelessly stealing the ideas from the linked thread, and add other ideas later as I find time to recall and post them, and I invite you to join me!

Little Synergies #1
“Grit Fishing”

Starting Posse:
The Angler (The Angler · DoomtownDB)
Christine Perfect (Christine Perfect · DoomtownDB)

Stone Idol (Stone Idol · DoomtownDB)
The Grey Man (The Grey Man · DoomtownDB)
Mason Adler (Mason Adler · DoomtownDB)

This establishes an engine by which a Fearmonger deck can provoke conflict throughout the course of a match. Early on, using Christine and the Angler to manipulate Grit values so as to make strategic callouts. Stone Idol and The Grey Man can add to those options through the midgame, and Mason Adler can pick off who is left through the endgame.

What Little Synergies can you think of and share here?


“Holy Hydro Hammers”

The Arsenal

Quincy Washburne
Erik Samson

Hydro Puncher
Jael’s Guile
Sword of the Spirit

Build big studs, bash bad guys. Erik loves Jael’s Guile as it’s got both the Mystical and Melee keywords to activate his trait buffs. Quincy can invent a Hydro Puncher and unboot. He can wield both a Guile and a Hydro Puncher as both weapons are Melee. That boosts his bullets, and can also boot an opposing dude. Target wanted dudes so that if your opponent cheats, they have to discard their dudes when you use Jael’s Guile. Sword of the Spirit gives you more bullets and protection from spells can be useful in some matchups. Plus it doesn’t boot when cast so can be used with The Arsenal to issue callouts, leaving your Hydro Puncher free to use in the shootout.


Ok I can riff on these Dog Science shenanigans!

Little Synergies #3
“Are you Picking Up what I’m Putting Down?”

Starting Posse:
Janosz Pratt (Janosz Pratt · DoomtownDB)
Dr. JT Goodenough (Dr. JT Goodenough · DoomtownDB)

Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton (Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton · DoomtownDB)
Hydro-Puncher (Hydro-Puncher · DoomtownDB)

John “Aces” Radcliffe (John "Aces" Radcliffe (Exp.1) · DoomtownDB)

To ease pressure that Structure can exert over Card Choice when Deck-buildin’.

Unlike the Entrepreneurs, sometimes Lawdogs can struggle calibrating their Pull Structure to support the Gadgets they want to play because they tend towards lower Skill Ratings and some of the awesome Gadgets have higher Difficulty. This setup allows you to run as low as 4’s as a Deck Value without having to worry about Yagn’s turning into a “dead card” later. Either your opponent chooses it when JT grifts, or Radcliffe picks it up later when you play him, both circumventing having to succeed at a Pull.

Final Note: You can replace Yagn’s with any other High-Difficulty Gadget normally “out of range” of your Pull Structure and the Concept will hold. Similarly, you can replace the Puncher with any other Gadget that Janosz (or your other Mad Scientists) can consistently Pull to fulfill the grifting requirements!