Living on the lam: State of the Sloane Gang

Nightmare at Noon is almost upon us and it’s a good time to take stock and look where the Sloane Gang stands in relation to the outfits. Obviously Desolation Row seems to have given a huge boost to Sloane hyper aggro, allowing them to make high risk/high reward plays and keep increasing the tempo even with minimal deeds around.

The Slucksters archetype has also received significant boosts with the new low difficulty hexes and enough low cost hucksters to allow a very stable start.

Sloane seems to also be doing extraordinarily well in tournaments, solidly achieving top positions, particularly when using Desolation Row again.

What do ya’ll think? Is it the time of the outlaw?

I think we’re at the end of the time for Sloane. D-Row dominated badge events, and people are coming prepared with new tools to handle the bounty heavy nature of aggressive play. Law Dogs are especially equipped. However, I think Slucksters still has some power in it. Jonah’s got some new friends and some new toys. I think if a Sloane does well next week it’s going to be a Sluckster build using the core set outfit.

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I think that we have a change from ‘Ill just throw these 3X16 together and play Sloane’ to a more nuanced Sloane deck. I really like this deck as a way of playing Sloane that is both great in deck design and idea:

Maybe not that surprising - it doesnt run DR!

I think that a lot of very good Sloane decks run the original home. DR is very good - but original Sloane brings more potential to the table… IMO!

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I think Desolation Row is really strong, and I don’t think it’s limited to hyper aggressive decks. Between the home ability and some combination of Milt, Makaio and the Aims brothers, you’ve got a strong economic backbone to build a deck around and that also moves you towards gaining control points to help you actually win the game.

I suspect the only really bad matchup for Drow is something like a shooty Oddities deck or possibly heavy 4R control, but those both struggle with Landslide so you end up with a circular meta call to make.

I also agree that there’s a lot of potential in Sloane Hucksters out of either outfit now.

I wouldn’t say it’s limited to hyper-aggro, but due to the nature of the outfit ability, your deck needs by definition to be able to shoot from that start.

Drow has probably the best home/dude synergy of any faction and will be a force to reckon with for a long time to come.

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Whilst I agree with Andy that d-row has the best synergy I am loving going back to an original sloane outfit build, I would love to post up the deck that I am getting the best results out of, but I plan to use it in both this weekends sheriff in Edinburgh and also gencon next week.

I am not totally sure that slucksters are quite there but would love to be proven wrong.

Anyone thinking that the latest Law Dogs decks have an auto win over d-row hasn’t played against Jimi May’s version of D-row, I will not spoil his deck to the world but it has awesome anti law dog meta, when I played against it I had to admit that the build was inspired.

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I’ve not played around with Sloane much, but based on my experience I find original home Sloane harder to play against. It allows a much faster start and does a better job of controlling the town. With D-Row, I’ve seen people fall into the trap where they rely on the home job for income and starting shootouts. It’s easier to manoeuvre round and disrupt their plans.

I don’t see why Law Dogs would have an auto-win against D-Row. The recent anti-wanted stuff is all about getting into shootouts with wanted dudes, and D-Row decks tend to be built to be good in shootouts. Sure, it’s easier to attack them, but it’s not necessarily easier to win.

Old Fashioned Hanging brings a lot of hurt to bear on DesRow, anyone running the outfit job immediately becomes a target for being swept off the board. Being off value with Kidnap and Bounty Hunter makes for a 12 card spot removal suite that’s hard to deal with regardless of the faction playing them.

Law Dogs fair better than most as they can also throw the bounty around and OFH becomes dead against other decks if you don’t have the LD support.

Has any ones opinions on the Sloane gang change since this arc is over and we are about to receive a new Pinebox with goodies?

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Nope - not really. I think they are still strong, but haven’t recieved any meta canging cards lately. Des row is very versatile and ‘frightening’ but at the same time it didnt deliver any direct new winning conditions (some indirect ones like a different economy it did however). Perhaps a Des Row Deedslide would be effective?

I will agree ,but I am cooking up one different build for Des Row that might bring them back into jank greatness once I get the deck refined through so testing and target practice at the testing range.

Nope. I don’t get it. You actually test the deck to make sure it works before you turn up to an event? MADNESS! :slight_smile:


I think it might soon be time for a rematch! Collegium style…

Drow has probably the best home/dude synergy of any faction and will be a force to reckon with for a long time to come.

Disagree - 4th Ring is better…

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