Looking for any promos (UK)

Hey all, I’m new to Doomtown (and Gamorra) but I’ve run an awful lot of Netrunner events in my area and I’d like to do the same for Doomtown. The problem is that I have no promos! I know that there’s the upcoming epitaph event, but I’d like some things to give interested people, which is why I appeal to you all.

If you have any promos of any kind (cards, mats, tins? I think there was other stuff) that you no longer want or need I would like to take them off your hands. I’ll take singles and playsets, bits and pieces, just as much as I can get to stock up on handouts.

If you have anything get in touch. I don’t know how much things are worth but I have a small budget (and Netrunner promos to trade) so I can cash you up, and I’ll even buy from overseas as long as shipping isn’t crazy.

If there’s anywhere else I should be posting, let me know too. I want that sweet loot!


Welcome to the game! Another place worth posting is on the Doomtown UK Facebook group:

I can assure you that there will be at least one Epitaph Event in the UK, as well as the European Championship, which should be great ways to meet up and try to obtain old promo cards. The Facebook group is also regularly updated with the group’s other tournaments as well.

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Welcome aboard and good luck introducing people to the game! :slight_smile:

I think @Doomdog has been in touch already, but I’ve dropped through a PM with some promos I can send through if you’re planning to hold a tournament/learn to play events.

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There may be some extra promos to give away at the next OCTGN league starting this Friday. Chances are high that anyone who wants some promos can get at least a few, I’d probably just ask that people pay for shipping.


That sounds like a good source of freebies I could nab, how would I go about getting them? Would I need to participate in the league? I’m still learning the game and I’m not au fait with OCTGN at the moment.

I wasn’t originally intending to have prizes in this league, but between leftover promos from the previous one, plus swider generously putting his playmat up as a prize for first place it looks like we’ll have prizes for this one, too.

So with that said, we don’t have details yet but most likely it’ll require a minimum of 5 games played to get prizes. Even if your first 5 games are just getting to learn the game and learn OCTGN, I think you should sign up and play! I’m sure the majority of us would be happy to help you learn, even if it’s a league game.

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Unless there’s a Pettigrew’s Pawnshop or some Teleportation Devices up for grabs, I’m happy to pass on whatever promos I win from the league to @Deadlyreg to go with the ones I’ve just posted to him.

Also happy to help with some learning games (league or otherwise) on OCTGN.


If the price of promos is having to play more Doomtown I’m okay with that. I tried OCTGN with Netrunner and it was always a little awkward, but if a lot of play happens online I should learn the interface. I know there’s cheat sheets for OCTGN Doomtown, can someone point me in the right direction? And thanks once again @Doomdog, I appreciate anything you can spare us up here.


And there are some good youtube videos out there that I’m sure someone can post if you’re interested.