Love this Reloaded!

I played Doomtown CCG when it first came out and it was fun but not many people played, I somehow didnt get into Reloaded till now! The old CCG Doomtown plays like “Bad Tequila” compared to a sweet Reloaded “Whiskey flask”.
So much strategy in playing and deck building. The cards and art are incredible. The story is amazing! It was a very good idea to ditch the whole collectability thing. At first I was thinking of getting more early CCG Doomtown but I decided to go all in on Reloaded. I am having a blast with the first expansions. I also just now ordered all the newer stuff which came with the online play. Is there still new stuff coming out?


Welcome! Yes after Weird West Edition the following expansion will be Debt of Blood and continue the Deadwood story

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Pledge Manager is still open

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Debt of Blood! Nice ring to it. Can I pay with blood?

I got some goodies coming in the mail, cant wait.

One of the best things about Reloaded is the new balance that was created in the game.
How many broken things were in the game? Well a few of the top of my head are “Heavy Rain” event. I won a tournament playing Maze Rats with a rain deck, I felt bad it always kept coming around.

Black Jacks boot a dude for 2 ghost rock! First turn Black Jack look out.

Another event " It was a mountain Lion", with Sioux Union being able to drop this event with a dude and have Medicine to save your dudes, total chaos!

The Harrowed dudes were tough to get rid off you had to pull an ace.

Overall too much Ghost rock, with Reloaded every Ghost Rock is precious and harder to come by which is good.
Some dudes seemed overpowered, alot of dudes didnt have influence.

I was checking to see if any old cards could be used in Reloaded but only found the Jokers, oh well at least they used some of the old artwork. Speaking of artwork, its really great and cohesive in Reloaded.

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