Lula or Lillian?

So, who you backin’ to run the company? If Lillian’s little mutant cow venture doesn’t end up eating into the profits (and the townsfolk).

While I don’t think either of the Morgans sound like good people to have in charge of anything, I’m backing Lula. Lillian has Black River railroad connections, and every time I play/run Deadlands they end up being a big antagonist, so she’s already gained ‘evil points’ there in my eyes. The whole demon cow affair isn’t doing her any favours on top of that. Lula seems quite petty and a bit naive, but has the potential to mature into someone better, or at least into someone who opposes everything Lillian is doing because it’s Lillian that’s doing it and so indirectly helping the good guys. Not that that won’t cause its own heap of trouble for Gomorra…


Lula as the one between those two.

Max Baine is my real preference. :smile:

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