Mario + Louis - Abusing Louis Pasteur for fun and profit

Hey guys, this week’s YouTube offering comes in the form of a MCC deck inspired by none other than @db0



Feel free to comment, make suggestions or ask questions here.


I don’t get the combo. You engage into a shootout, make them take one casualty, then flee home, get unbooted, go out, engage into another shootout… Why do you flee after one round, why don’t you just keep shooting, picking them off one by one each round?

Because you’ll be out of position and stuck at a deed and need to boot to move afterwards meaning you can’t call out again.

If you go home to be unbooted you can move anywhere you want after going to town square.

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But you’re already playing 4x Mechanical Horses, you could take Recursive Motion Machine, that would make moving a horse cost just 1 gr. Then take Run 'Em Down to get dudes if they do manage to boot you somehow. Something like this.
Louis just feels sooo awkward for this build…

Mechanical Horse is too cash intensive to keep using alongside Force Field.

Mario, force field, horse, RMM, run 'em down is a 5 card combo not 3 and is therefore less reliable.

Louis covers you for cheating too as you can use Mario’s harrowed keyword to get the hell out of there if it all goes wrong/ Cheat, pay, go home booted as 1 casualty and recover.

I see.

I was toying with Mario + Force Field back before the infamous ruling that made Telepathy Helmet vulnerable to Unprepared. That card completely wrecks this archetype. You probably need to Make the Smart Choice to get Mario out of trouble, then Louis would bring him back into action immediately.

I’m wondering why you have so many cards in your deck that will fail the pull on Louis? This seems like an unnecessary risk. I’ve failed pulls at crucial times and has come to stick in my craw. When I build a pull deck I make sure that I will always succeed. Just curious if you aren’t concerned about it or haven’t really had that experience.

Rich people are careless :slight_smile: If you fail Louis’ pull, you can always pay more and try again.

This. If Louis wasn’t a repeat, the deck would be stacked a lot higher. Since you can just try again, it’s not a major issue.

Morgan Research institute also helps turn the 9 fail cards into 2 fail cards. Since Louis can unboot a guy at an adjacent location, you can still go home with Mario and have Louis do his thing.

That deck needs urgently some recruitment drive like options. The main strategy of your deck is based in the cards you draw, maybe you cannot get Mario and forcefields in all the entire game, so you need option for make it easier to play.

Why not start Mario instead of Luis though? Less upfront cost and upkeep.

It’s a tough call. I went for Louis for the extra mad science shot. With gadgetorium unbooting your MS, and Louis, you can invent everything in your hand with ease.

Mario main deck also gives you slightly better shooting options, there’s not much on Queen that helps the deck. He’s also cheaper to drop out later as opposed to a late drop Louis.

The deck probably works just as well either way to be honest, it’s just personal preference

But seriously, what about Unprepared, other than gg?

run 2 force fields! :stuck_out_tongue: