Mark Wootton interview at Gencon by TC

He talks about the new factions, goes a bit into the Spirits (Design Article coming soon :wink: ) and Kung Fu and talks a bit about the interesting decks and strategies he’s seen in Gencon tourneys and how the storyline tourneys worked.


When he’s talking about the interesting and unorthodox decks in the top 8, he is visibly excited as fuck to be talking about the game. Really cool!


Mark Wootton is a great man. He really loves the game and also knows a thing or two on how to run the bussiness. Glad to hear from him.

What interesting and unorthodox decks does he mention?

Maybe unorthodox wasn’t the right word, but he wasn’t expecting two Oddities of Nature and a QUATERMAN Gadgetorium deck to be in the top 8.

It’s fun how db0 always says that Gadget and Miracle decks are maybe not tier 1 currently but can win tournaments if built right and when facing a certain meta, and his boss is all like “Wuuut, Quaterman and Oddities in GenCon top 8? I made them for kitchen play!” :wink:

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Oddities of Nature and Quaterman are not unexpected to me ending in the top 8. Some of the most powerful abilities in the game are the ability to control other dudes and manipulate influence both of which Oddities does. You boot an opposing dude and get influence? There are so many abilities that other dudes need to be unbooted to use it’s a huge counter.

The other thing that’s powerful is throwing out good cheap dudes which Quaterman does. Now you’re going into a shootout with less to lose than the other guy. You also have cheap dudes you can lose and not worry. So now you aren’t worried about bad luck with shootout hands as much.

Both of those things are also things that are generally good, they aren’t meta specific, so they are going to be useful against any deck you run into.


QUATERMAN and Force Field means never having to say you’re sorry. :wink:

Well, I guess the QUATERMAN doesn’t always care for it…

Awesome interview, great to see how excited and interested he is in the product and just how knowledgeable, neat to hear him talk about the game and it’s definitely in some great hands, can’t wait to see what comes after IOUF :slight_smile:

BTW, the Final match (2 out of 3 games between Dave Hammond and Nick Glazer) was grinding away in the background. This was at the very tail end of Gencon after a LOT of Doomtown, L5R, and Smashup and AEG business. And yeah, Mark sure still had a major jones for Doomtown after four grueling days. I know I was recharged about the game and my part on Story/Rules after rubbing elbows with Mark off and on during the Best Four Days in Doomtown Gaming :smiley: