Marshal Badge Doomtown GenCon Online 2021 Deck Lists

Marshal Type 8 is live!!!

Which side of the Gadgets will prove victorious?
Morgan Gadgetorium mirror match?!?
Anarchists take on the Fourth Ring!
Abominations invade the Sanitorium!

@TybarSunsong (He/Him), Smith & Robards Trade Show v. @Ledgerman , The Arsenal w/Darius Hellstromme

@Prodigy, Morgan Gadgetorium, @TheHuffDaBeast , Morgan Gadgetorium

@JRBookman, Property is Theft, @Entrican, The Fourth Ring

@GDIAinsley (they/she), Oddities of Nature, @Caelreth, The Santorium

Deck lists for Top 8 will be added after the conclusion of the event. All other lists are posted below.

DeputyWay, Protection Racket
Sauronsbeagle, Protection Racket
RogueDakotan, Protection Racket
Hehasmoments, Bayou Vermilion Railroad
VGC1205, Fort 51
Dreamy, Law Dogs w/Lacy O’Malley
Antaiseito, Abram’s Crusaders
Deputy_Melnyk, Smith & Robards Trade Show
RS Doom, Jonah’s Alliance
Ironcache, Full Moon Brotherhood
Maikiro, Law Dogs (Doomtown: Online preloaded Law Dogs)
Doomsday, 108 Drunken Masters


is there something going on with gadgets that I should know about.??

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They’re the way of the future! :wink:

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Top 8 Sanitorium with commentary:


Published list from @deputy_melnyk with commentary:


Oddities Top 4 list!


All links have been updated for Top 8 with links except for the finalists.

Prodigy and Entrican play today at 11am est on Doomtown Online!

Morgan Gadgetorium v. The Fourth Ring

Congratulations to @Prodigy giving the final pre-Weird West Edition digital Marshal event to Morgan Gadgetorium!

All deck lists have been linked. We are aware of some errors and will attempt to fix accordingly.

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Playlist for Finals Videos