Marshall Badge Weird West Edition Deck Lists

For those looking to try out Doomtown Online with some premade deck lists, check out the ones used in the latest Marshall Round-Up!

A video of the finals with commentary can be found here

Note: Those with write-ups are linked to those versions while others are linked to the original versions submitted.

1 Entrican, The Spiritual Society
2 trimm#8444, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
3 deputy_greg, 108 Gracious Gifts
4 thehuffdabeast, House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme
5 TybarSunsong(he/him)#1625, Smith & Robard’s Trade Show
6 Agent006, Serpentine Syndicate
7 GDIAinsley, Law Dogs
8 IndigoRielle, Encroaching Darkness
9 Yzorderex#0086, Morgan Regulators
10 Khudzlin, 108 Gracious Gifts
11 Yolda#7189, Encroaching Darkness
12 zenarchist, Encroaching Darkness w/Hank Ketchum
13 Sauronsbeagle, House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme
14 Antaiseito, Black Hills Guardians
15 Doomdog, 108 Gracious Gifts w/Ezekiah Grimme
16 hehasmoments, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
17 Deputy’ Way (Redgar#0376), Law Dogs
18 RS Doom, Morgan Regulators
19 Rogue Dakotan, Law Dogs
20 Jrbookman, Bayou Vermilion Railroad
21 none, Encroaching Darkness
22 Ledgerman, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
23 shekky_ducky, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
24 danvan#4519, The Spiritual Society
25 Andrew Davidson#9136, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
26 Roullette, Serpentine Syndicate
27 LastWalter, Fort 51 w/Darius Hellstromme
28 dylandotcom, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
29 Drew.christensen, Encroaching Darkness
30 Sixkillz, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance
31 Razrez_Batonov#1321, Encroaching Darkness
32 Prodigy, Deadwood Miner’s Alliance w/Lacy O’Malley