Maryam + Veronica's Guile Maneuver + General Targeting

Proustibat — Today at 3:08 PM I have a lot of questions about Maryam and what target or not.
For exemple , do Veronica’s Guile target with maneuver ?

Lapp — Anything that targets for this game will specifically say ‘target’ on the card
colonialbob — Today at 3:16 PM
:point_up: :point_up:
Lapp — Following up Maneuvers follow same rule (must say ‘target’)
Proustibat — Today at 3:55 PM
Okay !
I have a blurred memory of the finale online tournament where the players discussed a situation where something about Maryam was about to happen and it started making me doubt.

Agent006 — Today at 8:10 PM
The glossary page 41 may help with understanding targeting as well.
Also keep in mind specifically with Maryam it is distinctly: “The first time a risk targets Maryam each day”. So Maryam’s forced is checking for a Risk that targeted and also consider if the player controlling Maryam is the first one to target Maryam with a risk the forced will go off.