[MCC] Morgan Stables Abominable Horses

So after lying in bed for multiple nights unable to sleep, sometimes due to insomnia, but mostly due to the fact I had 7 or 8 DTDB tabs open looking for specific keywords, card texts, and other info, I came up with this idea.


The description pretty much says it all, and at current I have about 50% of those cards listed, and no means to create proxies, so it’s completely untested!

The crux? Clown Carriage to facilitate bringing in The Wretched to leverage a shootout in your favor. I haven’t gleaned through all my options yet, but I’m looking for input. Tell me what you think (be honest, but try not to be scathing, lol).

Can you bring a Wretched into play using Clown Carriage so long as you have a Mad Scientist to invent him?

As far as I can understand the rules, Clown Carriage allows me to play an abomination from my hand into the posse as a shootout play. I pay for the dude in full. I figure as long as there is a mad scientist there to boot and make the pull for “inventing” the wretched (and a dude to ace, which may full well be the scientist), that puts me a 4 stud in the shootout at the pace of a shootout action. I might lose the guy riding the clown carriage, but I can always slap a vitality tonic on him to not only make him an abomination, but discard him instead.

Can we get some rules insight on this?

According to a comment on DTDB, I cannot use the carriage to put the wretched into play, but can use it to bring him into the posse. Can someone explain the restriction?

Edit: I see it now. The Wretched HAS to be INVENTED. No other effects or abilities can bring him into play.


i understand you can use the car, or the cage, for put the wretched in play. But you have to make a scientist pull

Indeed. I don’t mind acing any of my scientists, but according to the post, the wretched comes into play at the shootout, so all I need is a dude at the shootout with the clown carriage, my scientist can be at home.

Hence the inclusion of Margaret Hagerty. +3 to the pull for inventing gadget dudes. So she gets to bring her head husband back from the grave, just so happens to be Kyle Wagner. :smile:

If you want to use cards you don’t own, you can play online using OCTGN.

On the wretched there is allot of rules remember after he is invented via clown carriage the aced dudes has to be at the shootout location.

That much I know. But I don’t think the inventing mad scientist has to be at the shootout.

The scientist does not have to be at location. Since the carriage overrides the put the invented dude at the scientist location. So the scientist gets 2 bounty, wretched goes into the posse, ace a dude in the posse. Does that make sense.

Reminds me of my older Cowboys and Clowns deck, but with the new hotness. Fun deck, but never quite satisfied with it, I’ll have to look at updating it.