MCC Topmanager Resigned!

Breaking News!

Max Baine well-known businessman is retired from Morgan Cattle Corp.

The official reason is not called, but a source close to MCC names a conflict with head chief Lillian Morgan as a cause.

We cannot reach Lillian Morgan for comments so far.

Our reporter in Gomorra spoke with Max Baine.

Max is saying that cattle business is not his thing and he sold all his Cattle actives. That news has already ruined rancho share market.

Max has no definite plans for future except he is going to practice some hunting with friends.

Now he is open to proposals from any site.

Read full interview in tomorrow gazette!

Now some words about the card itself.

Wow! It’s really great.


-Neutral! You can start it in any faction. Especially great for 4R, they do love high value dudes due to skill checks, and playing Tyx for 1 credit or Kevin for 2 is huge thing.

-Trait helps versus landsliders.

-Possibility to transform into non-experienced version for free. Great for finishing games in rancho decks.

-Stats are not bad at all. 2 influence, 1 bullet, 10 value, is great for 6 ghost rock/upkeep.

-Great synergy with Huntsmen’s Society


-Primary target for kidnapping. You should build right posse to be able defend him. Losing 6 gr first turn can hurt.

That’s all for slops I think. It is really powerful card that will see some plays for sure.

P.S. Spoiler was granted by db0 as prize for GGL1. Thanks!


Good thing he can bring his new bodyguard for free :wink:

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Another option is to play mayfair deck + tyx. That way you cannot be kidnapped. But it is solution for midlate game, not really fast.

Dudes & Deeds just got one helluva starter.

DnD does not really need too much high value dudes. And it prefers to start with more cash to turn their economy on. I think Max will not replace Androcles in DnD builds, and it is too expencive to start both. I think it is good starter for most skill decks though: gadjets, hex or mirracles, but not for dnd.

There aren’t a lot of great 10+ gadgets or miracles yet, so it’s somewhat hard to build around those values currently. He may get better for those later though, I agree.

As for DnD I’m not sure I agree. Unlike Androcles, Mr. Baine here is proactive rather than reactive wealth-generation. Whether that is worth the 2 difference in initial cost will remain to be seen. If anything Baine’s real drawback in DnD is that his trait can be a double edged sword, but since it’s not always on I think it will be more advantageous than disadvantageous.


The description sent to the artist for this card contained the phrase “You should start hearing the Gary Jules cover of “Mad World” when you see this.”


That makes a lot of sense with that art :slight_smile:

Noooo, not Max!

I hope we can overthrow Lillian sometime. I want my mad scientists crazy, not so much evil. :wink:

But…that’s basically the schtick of mad science. Some sociopath or other has always used brilliance to further evil ends.

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I really hope we get a piece of fiction explaining this change.


Patience, child … patience. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wonder if Max’s retirement has something to do with the untimely death of Kyle at the mouths of their demonic cattle. Maybe he decided his conscience trumped his job.


Solid dude, for all the reasons stated. Not a huge fan of taking CPs off the board from a design standpoint, but since this is only temporary and easily remedied (he can’t hide at home and do it), it’s not that big a deal here.

It’s cute that he can play his bodyguard for free, assuming that’s what she’s intended to be.

*…and I see it is. Teach me to skim the thread. :wink:

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I like it in small doses, but I agree that I hope it does not become a prevalent mechanic.

I would like to see an Arson-type job card, but I’d prefer if it gave the leader CPs or something as well for exactly this kind of reason.

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